Link to site of Specific Armourer Interest (SAI)

Seeing a baby armourer/gunfighter course starting in the land of defence electro learning,
I thought I would help them in the quest for further study and research.

Find below a link that you will find invaluable throughout your career.

Advanced Learning

Dont thank me, I do this for a living.
Double trouble now as the 2nd geek course now lives in our midst BM. Not only do we have to put up with Warhammer but the new lot are on about Dungeons & Dragons. GEEKS!!!

They were talking about this site last night at tea????

Homework For Geeks!!!
Feck.....they got us surrounded...........

Still, this must mean that when they are geekin it at D&D/Warspammer
the queue at the bar will be shorter.......

WTF? When I went through Bordon on my Tiffy Weapons , the single and divorced members of our course had a reputation for deviance, banging the local munters and slotting the wildlife in the Mess garden, not playing with toy soldiers and rolling dice to find out what the wizard's turned you into... Get a grip of those c*nts and tell them to start killing or f*cking things, pronto.
Themanwho said:
Get a grip of those c*nts and tell them to start killing or f*cking things, pronto.
Good advice.

There are no armourers in heaven
There are Queers, VM's & Tech's
But there are no armourers in heaven
Well they can kill the two ugliest and f*ck the one that's left.
I heartily agree with TheManWho. He beat me at "killing things in the Mess Garden", but I trounced him "shagging local munters"!
Only because you banged Judy the Moose after I'd binned her. The Sasquatch impression was your finest hour!

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