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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by who_cares...., Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    "15 Physops Gp"?

    Psyops Gp surely?

  2. That could be interesting. My previous service ran from 1987 to 1992.

    Formal arrangements for soldiers to take a "career break" of up to two years seems a very good idea. I might have stayed on if this had been offered to me back in the day.
  3. Yes MSR, and in fact 15(UK)PsyOps Group :)

    There's hope for me yet eh.......
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Oh, but isn't there a thread to be written about a TA Phys Ops group - a crack unit dedicated to eliminating the Medsonball-Bellies....

    Although, I have to say I have not seen any evidence of this:
    It smacks more of desperation to me.

    The TA lost almost one Officer every working day last year.

  5. Was I alone in noticing the use of the term "part-time"? Does this have any bearing on the question of employment status vis a vis pensions etc?

    (No I'm not fishing for a pension but terms and conditions have been the subject of much discussion)
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Yes, you don't get one.

  7. You clearly have not being paying attention. It's all quite simple.

    Members of the TA are not "part-time" workers in respect of the part-time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000 because they specifically exclude the Reserve Forces.

    In order to avoid the confusion thereby caused by being "part-time" but not "part-time" a working group was set up to review the use of "part-time" in relation to the TA. The working group set up a study group which established that although when not mobilised (as defined by the Reserve Forces Act 1996), the employment of TA officers and soldiers was in all respects "part-time", the use of the term "part-time" in respect of the TA gave rise to expectations within the target group (i.e. the TA) that they might have certain entitlements, primarily but not solely that of a pension, to which they actually had no entitlement following secondary legislation (namely the aforementioned regulations) to the contrary.

    A focus group and telephone surveys of a random representative sample of the target group (i.e. the TA albeit slightly smaller than the aforementioned TA ) found that the use of "casual workers" in respect of the TA was perceived to have negative connotations in that the majority of respondents felt that such a term failed to fully empathise with their perceived employment status, as there was a strong implication that their services could be terminated without notice and that they could not be availed of basic employee rights. The focus group results were included in the interim report of the study group to the working group.

    Concomitant with the preparation of the final report of the study group to the working group, an advertising agency was contracted to find a suitable replacement word or phrase to replace "part-time" but without the perjorative aspects of "casual". The identity of, and, precise processes carried out by, the agency are classified "CONFIDENTIAL-COMMERCIAL" and hence do not form part of this summary.

    The final report concluded that the phrase "spare time" was most appropriate when referring to activities which , by their nature, were "part-time" but not "part-time" in the context of the aforementioned regulations.

    Clearly a change of this magnitude takes time to fully percolate through the organisation, and we deeply regret any instances of incorrect usage of the term "part-time" in relation to the TA and as an interim measure we have recruited casual staff to replace the word "part" with "spare" throughout the MOD, although owing to unforeseen problems in DLO, this task is currently in abeyance.

    In summary, NO.
  8. Quality Sir Humphrey :D
  9. Good work, who cares ...

    Or should I say ... Sir Humphrey Appleby!

  10. Actually I think the real Sir Humphrey is alive and well, albeit playing in the Second Division:
    At least I was only taking the p!ss
  11. Except that I suspect it is, in fact, GOC 2 Div...

    I got trawled as a DS for his company when RHF were in Belize; spent a week chasing around the rural Caribbean and having a whale of a time. (Me, a chubby gunner, a rather hefty Yeomanry type, and a PARA Captain). He was one of those open minded, forward thinking, types 15 years ago so it wouldn't surprise me.

    (CrabAir had seat allocation problems, so we spent three weeks out there; I spent the other two out on Ambergris Caye learning to dive, and sending smiley picture postcards back to the rest of the Platoon who were just coming off a January TESEX in Garelochead)
  12. Perhaps someone ought to pop JSP101 and Sir Ernest Gowers' "The Complete Plain Words" into his in tray, next time they are passing.