Link to ACF Regs Needed


not sure what regs in particular you are looking for, best thing to do would be to register on with your county password as an instructor(if you are in ACF) this will give you access to the online manuals and you are bassically looking for the ACF Manual 2006 this gives you most of the regs covering the ACF. This is the only place i know where they are collated online, there are bits and pieces elsewhere on the net but dont have any links off hand

There should also be a hard copy of this in every ACF det, if you dont have access to one and its a specific reg you are looking for i can pm you the details
Very Many Thanks, I am after any regulation that details Regular Service Personnel joining the ACF, i.e. actualy going on their books, wearing the uniform, getting paid etc, I am just about to put a New Topic on the ACF thread.

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