Link Discrepancies.

Hi all,

Just going through the wanted pages list, and I've noticed something that although an easy mistake to make, is quite annoying. Although the alias of a link can be different, the actual root of that link still has to be correct.

Forn example, before my edits, the number of links leading to Dale the Snail, was 16. However if the users who put those alias' and links in place had searched around a bit, they'd have found out that the page title for Sluggy's entry is actually User:The Snail.

Just something to look out for!
while we've tried for some standardization, there are quite a few F ups like this to watch for ... not least that dale changed her ID and caused a lot of cross posting problems. Every so often we do a mass trawl of the wiki and fix as many of these probs as we can... and then we go back to knob jokes and insulting politicians/journos
Good to hear. I've trawled through Dale's ones, and a few others. Will keep working! Many laughs come from the 'pedia, very worthwhile! :).


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