Link A War Movie Actor (LAWMA) Game

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Tremaine, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. Via A Bridge Too Far through to Zulu in no particular order.

    Suggestion: No hard and fast rules, except we name actors and we use War film titles.
    Actor (name) went on to play (title). Chain the links using actors from those films. Bit complicated as it's War Movies, so makes it interesting.

    Wikipedia says:
    "War Movie is a film genre concerned with warfare, usually about naval, air or land battles, sometimes focusing instead on prisoners of war, covert operations, military training or other related subjects. At times war films focus on daily military or civilian life in wartime without depicting battles. Their stories may be fiction, based on history, docudrama or, occasionally, biographical". Usual poetic license must be expected on here though :roll: :D

    Starter Michael Caine , Zulu , went on to Battle of Britain

    Might get legs, might not. Off to the Pub, where I shall deny all knowledge :wink:
  2. Christopher Plummer, Battle of Britain, went on to A man who would be king
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Sean Connery The man who would be King went onto A Bridge to Far
  4. Sir Richard Attenborough* - In which we serve(1942) went onto
    A matter of life or death(1945/46)
    then Morning Departure(1950)
    The gift Horse(1952)
    then The ship that died of shame(1955)
    then Privates Progress(1956)
    then the baby and the battleship(1956)
    then Dunkirk(1958)
    then Sea of Sand(1958)
    then Danger within(1959)
    then went onto The League Of
    then went on to become Big X in the Great
    Followed by the Guns of Batasi and
    The Sand Pebbles
    Conduct Unbecoming then finally
    A Bridge too Far

    Percy Herbert * - A Hill in Korea went onto to The Sea Wolves

    Jack Hawkins - The Cruel sea went onto The Bridge on the
    River Kwai

    Sir Alec Guinness - The Malta story went onto Tunes of Glory

    *Both have portrayed RSM's
  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Michael Caine ("The Man Who Would Be King") and "A Bridge Too Far" - "The Eagle Has Landed" (Not to mention "Zulu")
  6. Show off Tigerstacker :wink:

    Anthony Hopkins, When Eight Bells Toll, 71

    Young Winston , 71

    A Bridge Too Far , 1977
  7. Robert Redford, went from "War Hunt" to "A Bridge Too Far"
  8. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Sean Connery, was also in "The Hill".
  9. (Sir) Alec Guiness, Bridge over River Kwai ('56) went on to Tunes of Glory ('60) then Lawrence of Arabia ('62) then Fall of the Roman Empire ('64) then Cromwell (counts :eek: ) ('67)

    Malta Story (been said)
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    John Laurie > The four Feathers > The Life and Death Of Col Blimp > The Way Ahead > Dads Army
  11. Richard Todd, Dam Busters> D Day 6th June> > Longest Day >Operation Crossbow
  12. R Reagen The Hasty Heart went on to star in Hellcats of the Navy

  13. Arthur Franz, above > Custer ('67)
  14. Wasnt Todd in that as well as the Dying Jock?
  15. Seems he was: Ronnie Reagan again.

    Alfie Bass was in Hasty Heart ('49) >> I Was Monty's Double ('58)
    M E Clifton James was in I Was Monty's Double, too. Served in WWI, and was badly gassed. After the war, took up acting, and was on the London stage in WWII, where he came to the attention of MI5 (British Military Intelligence) by accident. At the end of one nightly performance, he couldn't find the hat that he would normally wear, and so he donned a beret and walked onstage; the audience, thinking that he was Field-Marshall Montgomery, promptly stood and cheered.

    "About seven weeks before D-Day in 1944, a British Lieutenant-Colonel, J.V.B. Jervis-Reid, noticed Clifton James's resemblance to Montgomery while he was reviewing photographs in a newspaper. MI5 decided to exploit the resemblance to confuse German intelligence. James was contacted by Colonel David Niven, who worked for the Army's film unit, and was asked to come to London on the pretext of making a film. The ruse was part of a wider deception which aimed to divert troops from northern France, by convincing the Germans that an Allied invasion of Southern France (see Operation Dragoon) would precede a northern invasion. Wiki