Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by theblindking, May 7, 2008.

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  1. which side of "The Force" do linguists belong to? And whilst we're at it, which is best? :twisted:

    Obviously, I'm not asking for job descriptions, but being the proud owner of a Saville row three piece Prince of Wales check as well as slip on loafers and a pair of Danners,(re: Glad it's all over's advice in a previous thread), I'm feeling my multiple personalities vying for control.

    Awaiting pearls of wisdom with paranoid dread.
  2. I would say "The Dark Side" in answer to the way that question was asked.

    I really dont have a clue, but myself? well im multi-lingual, i'll lick anything.
  3. But please never a Windsor knot - the cad dumped his kingdom for a Yank divorcee. And you should really dump the loafers for a decent pair of brogues if you are going to have any credibility.
  4. Mrs R,

    I quite agree and I would never mix the two!
    I was merely suggesting the potential for starting the evening at the guards club and finishing it at Brize (via a phone box). Underwear strictly on the inside of course
  5. The Force is strong in this one. One assumes the whistle is two-button, twin-vented and you keep the bottom weskit button undone - and no promiscuous Windsor knottery, either. Lose the loafers, though - I recommend a plain toe Oxford for that particular suitage.

    I'll admit to a teeny hint of preference here as I was a linguist and spent most of my career on the dark side (black-and-green division, rather than the "stuck in a windowless hellhole" brigade). I had a great time, but rather regret never having had the chance to do a full lightside tour for the crack and experience.

    Certainly, once out, the differences between dark- and lightside are not that major and we all seem to rub along quite happily in our little magic garden of specialist consultancy.
  6. Both sides equally capable of asking "You want fries with that?" :D
  7. I always regret turning down the offer of going on the Chinese language course in HK. Unfortunately I had just been posted to the Guinness Brigade! Still it was stupid not to have taken the opportunity, ah when you're young you make this mistakes!!
  8. I'm also a cunni linguist!
  9. Seriously? Yes-they are NATO partners.
  10. Depends on who you are and what you do. They are part of the language scholarship scheme where you go and spend 6 months serving in a similar unit to your own DIN 2006DIN06-026 refers available on Armynet. There are also the embassy posts and if you are really good there is a database of suitably qualified personnel who can act as translators, interpreters or just suitable people for visits etc. also being qualified in one language is useful when you come to apply for another. All the above are mainstream jobs you could do from any part of the army.

    Edit to add- new DIN 2008DIN07-050
  11. There is always a need for French; you never know when they will side with the enemy !!!

    edited for punctuation.
  12. Quel surprise !
  13. "Quelle".

    C'est un mot 'f'.

    Your turn. :p
  14. Could you be getting the past participle of the verb surprendre: surprise; mixed up with a noun, which would certainly have an associated gender?

    Edited to add incorrect punctuation
  15. What the **** are you two talking about?