Linguists - When are we starting up a seperate Corps?

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  • Bunch of moaning and miserable bastards

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So eventually, after 10 years of being ignored, laughed at and generally shat on, the dark siders are going to (maybe) get renumeration at a level almost equal to that which we had before the Corps went single trade.
Having seen almost every single one of my old muckers up and leave - some now rejoining... d'oh!! The real question should be -

What are we going to call ourselves when we make a new Corps?

Suggestions so far include -:

Royal Linguist Corps (out for obvious reasons)
Royal Corps of Linguists
Bunch of moaning and miserable bastards (My favourite so far!)

Let's be honest, it can't be much worse than -

"Right, we'll spend thousands of pounds and you'll spend hundreds of hours making yourself a damn fine linguist. Then we'll send you somewhere you cannot use your language OR we'll send you somewhere that does speak the right language but we'll ban you from using it!!"

The only question we seem to hear from higher up is

Is there any left?



Many thanks for listening
What about 'Cunning Linguists' or the more modern 'Tongue Technician'?
...or merge with the education corps and give lessons as well..


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I believe that another solution could be found: Bin the Cunning Linguists, and make the bad guys all speak English. If they don't undertand what you say to them in English then all you need to do is shout and wave your arms around and point at things. If they still don't understand you then it's because they don't WANT to understand you, and so deserve everything they get - including a 5.56mm Bindi Spot...


Or, how about

"Corps of Unsung National Translators"

I'll let you think of an abbreviation for that one ;)


Hugh_Jardon said:
Gren said:
Or, how about

"Corps of Unsung National Translators"

I'll let you think of an abbreviation for that one ;)

Too slooooooooow!

I know, I was trying to work a decent one out, I only saw yours once I had posted, ah well, they all suit :)

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It would be an abomination, Policy would come from the RAF, procurement from the Navy, SOPs written by the marines and the whole shebang controlled by the Educators.-all under Future Unified Consolidated Knowledge-Unique Project.

Urgh! pass me the brandy and the mess Webley.
To be honest...who cares...

I take that back...when is this likely to happen so that I can book the celebrations.

Takes cover...

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