Linguist Badge - Tower of Babel

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Mr_Stinky, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Word on the street is that someone at 14 Sigs is suggesting that linguists are identified by wearing a unique badge on their uniform and that symbol might be the Tower of Babel.

    My questions are:-

    1. Is this a good idea?, considering that we used to have something similiar for German colloquial speakers (the target!).

    2. Do lings want to be easily id'd ?

    I have spoken to a few of my mates about this and have received very different answers.
  2. i think it should be a big £ pound sign, for all the extra money linguists get :)
  3. How about an onion with a duck sitting on top of it?
  4. Is the "target" badge still in use - I have been in Germany for years and I have never seen anyone wear it.
  5. You really only see the sad and old wearing them now.
  6. we need more? We wear name tapes, regt flashes and union jacks on most bits of kit. Some wear wings and daggers. Some wear none, and generally get sh*t from the Sgt Maj.

    Would an extra badge to differentiate a trade speciality really be an incentive to want others to become that?

    Give them linguist pay instead. Just like the jumps, SI, SD pay schemes that run for others that have completed long difficult courses.

    Before you say, there is that scheme already.....that joke of a scheme that benefits a very small number is rubbish. It only pays if you are in Iraq or Afghanistan!...great. It is aimed at the new lings kicking around and not the 'older' variety.
  7. i think its a brilliant idea, but in the style of a large embroidered L above the rank. in fact this could be in gold,silver or bronze denoting competancy. further to this you could then have the national flags of all the countries that the languages are relevant to in a line vertically running down the arm of the soldier. hopefully this would make it necessary for the issue of the squaddies favourite the brazzard, in which could be kept a small emergency sized langensheidt(for those interpretating emergencies), and a tiny set of bakelite cans.

    p.s. everybody knows he_is_always_guilty
  8. Who needs a badge? Surely the pale green halo, shining filigree-like above our heads and detectable only by the truly chosen is more than enough?

    PS I heard 'guilty' was his middle name....
  9. True, I know 2 people who currently wear them one is very sad (and a dim sider), and the other is very old :)
  10. What a load of bollox - why do we need a badge? Are we in the F'in Cub Scouts. Why do people need name tags either, why can't people just do the polite thing of asking someone their name on introduction and then remembering it!?!
  11. How many people have you met (ever) and how many of their names can you remember?
  12. that's precisely why the british army introduced the term "mate" in the first place :)
  13. Officer sports and social phone list:

    Lt Col Simmerson (Henry) 4001
    Maj Nice-but-Dim (Tim) 4002
    Capt Rupert (Rupes) 4003

    All other ranks sports and social phone list:

    WO2 Atkins (Mate) 5220
    SSgt Evans (Taff) 5221
    Sgt Strange (Mate) 5224 etc etc
  14. All of them and yours Sammy is now added! :wink:
  15. Another idea I have just thought of - How about the word LINGUIST in gold letters underneath your rank on the slide..

    But the poll is------would you actually want to wear a badge that denotes you are a linguist?????????????????