Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by LingsCars, Mar 25, 2006.

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  1. I arrange free transporter delivery to Catterick Garrison. No VAT saving, but I give free keyring as prize for best catchy catchphrase.

    Please post catchy catchphrase below.
  2. Egg fly rice nice
  3. ahhh Lings and Grivens a free car from ling !

    any good ? :D
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    "You wan Ling wit tha?"
  5. So, no free cars from Ling but you can have one of these and a keyring if you live in Catterick and come up with a good catchphrase.


    Sadly(?), I don't live in Catterick and I've nowhere to put one.

    edited to show a chinese tank transporter.
  6. Rather than offer a free keyring in return for a catchphrase, why not offer purchasers of your cars a brace of Dover Soles.

    Then you could say, "Ah, soles from Ling!"
  7. In the spirit of equality i will ask my question in English then in Chinese.


    I live in a big city. I am tired of having to walk to work. Do you have a small city car for rent?


    I live in big sh1tty. I tired of having wok to work. You have small sh1tty car rent me?
  8. if car in catterick is your thing

    take free delivery from ling

    chop suey,kung fooey

    i also provide free bag-piping service
  9. "Buy a car from Ling or we will let Cutaway date your daughter!"


    "Ling knows where you live! Rent from her or your pet ends up in the mixed meat fried noodles!"

    If you use those great lines I would like £1000 each and full creative rights and ownership and not a key ring. I will wait by the door for the post :lol:
  10. WINNER! Very creative! I like Scottish-ethnic slant.

    Send address to private message for Keyring.
  11. WINNER!

    Sh1t but shows effort. Send address to private message.
  12. Ling you are a complete LOOOOOOOOONY !!!!!
  13. I have Citroen C1, Corsa, Clio. All less than £130/mth inc VAT. No discount! You lucky I even talk to you! What you want? Red car or blue car? You tell me - I find! Fill in form on website, with FULL details, no rude words, and I will sort it. Give me bank account details, I wipe clean, you get car. Free KEYRING for you boy.
  14. WINNER!

    Woof woof. Send address for keyring in private message, dumbo.
  15. Notice I supply whole car with 1 million moving parts and worth £6000+, all for less cost than owning watch below for 1 month.


    Save additional money by stealing fuel from Army and driving without insurance.
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