LingsCars car Suspension Test video

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by LingsCars, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. LingsCars

    LingsCars Old-Salt

    Here is one for technically engineering officers amongst you. I go to no expense to test suspension of car.


  2. You really do make me laugh Ling.

    'Car pass, now rent car?'
  3. Shan's very versatile. Soldier, saleswoman and now a suspension tester.
  4. was that your sister?
    keep in mind i'm still available for that marriage of convenience.
  5. LingsCars

    LingsCars Old-Salt

    No, sister has much smaller assets. She is in ChopGear videos, and also England Flag video.
  6. LingsCars

    LingsCars Old-Salt

    Oh! You think I am going to put "car failed, now rent car"??? You know some very stupid people visit my webpage and they think movie is real. If I put "car failed", they will not rent. Stupid, but true. Maybe I confuse them by being everywhere and anywhere at same time.
  7. You and your fake terrible grasp of English make me gooey Ling
  8. I thought all Chinese second borns were chucked in the Yangtze River attached to an old engine block? Did you pair escape or are you a walt chink?
  9. LingsCars

    LingsCars Old-Salt

    I was the second born! That's why I have such affinity for cars ...the engine block. Maybe if they had tied me in a sack, I would have become Ling-dini, and fcuk the cars?
  10. LingsCars

    LingsCars Old-Salt

    Oh, you should watch my Radio 5 interview here. I manage to put on fake terrible accent for AGES. I am quite amazing, huh?
  11. LingsCars

    LingsCars Old-Salt

    Bed. Talk Monday.
  12. Didn't even give Arrse a plug....

    Seriously Ling is that accent taking the piss?

    'Me Happy. What next, order car huh?' :D
  13. [​IMG]
  14. custard_war

    custard_war Old-Salt

    Ling, why haven't you posted on this thread yet. I just watched your radio interview and words fail me when I try to describe your "accent"! Still it made me chuckle and before you ask I do not want to buy a car (You'll probably ask anyway).

  15. dan_man

    dan_man LE

    Have you not been deported yet? The person who was in the video was she rented?