LingsCars car Suspension Test video

Death_Rowums said:
You really do make me laugh Ling.

'Car pass, now rent car?'
Oh! You think I am going to put "car failed, now rent car"??? You know some very stupid people visit my webpage and they think movie is real. If I put "car failed", they will not rent. Stupid, but true. Maybe I confuse them by being everywhere and anywhere at same time.
The Lord Flasheart said:
I thought all Chinese second borns were chucked in the Yangtze River attached to an old engine block? Did you pair escape or are you a walt chink?
I was the second born! That's why I have such affinity for cars ...the engine block. Maybe if they had tied me in a sack, I would have become Ling-dini, and fcuk the cars?
Ling, why haven't you posted on this thread yet. I just watched your radio interview and words fail me when I try to describe your "accent"! Still it made me chuckle and before you ask I do not want to buy a car (You'll probably ask anyway).


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