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Recently while viewing Arrse my attention has been somewhat distracted by the appearance of ads for Agent Provocateur webbing. The ads feature some very fit young birds who look gorgeous in the AP kit. I would love to think that I could buy up most of what they sell for Mrs Schweik (if I were to win the lottery) but in reality we're not in the first flush of youth like the AP models are, although I have to say that I find Mrs S. to be quite tidy even after 20years of marriage. Even so, I'm not sure that the AP kit is quite the stuff for a lady of Mrs S's, er, mature(ish) years.

So the question is where do I go for sexy kit for someone who has gone (just) beyond the AP demographic. I must stress that she ain't a fat munter, she just wouldn't suit the gear that AP sells.

Sensible answers, please, we are nowhere near the Mature Dating scenario (even if Rebecca is only 3 miles away!)

It'll last a lifetime. Or maybe it'll just seem like it.


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Now, now schweik, you know the rules plus how can we possibly give sound advice without pics?


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I must admit the older stuff from the 80s looks way better than the current shite they parade at the moment which makes me think its purely cost related as lingery used to have a primary function so a proper suspender belt could be worn in comfort for hours as opposed to a 20 min photo shoot.

a nice are properly framed in a fitted set of sussies looks way better than the stringy stuff they flog with or without a skirt over the top.

If I'd been paid for the hours and hours of teenage research I'd be drained and wealthy instead of just drained.
For the love of god, find out the correct sizes or you won't be here to tell us what happened.


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what you need is a kays catalogue circa 1984 :)


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Ever notice how the models all wore white lingerie, and in the description of "item K", it said you could order it in red or black? I guess they were trying to look innocent, while also selling the slut-coloured variety. I wonder how many sets of black undies they sold for every set of white?
there was one blond who had the centre spread type shot and she was in green webbing - georgeous.
I'd strongly advise against buying stuff for her. Different makes are different sizes and she'll get the hump if she has to exchange something for a size bigger - and if she needs to exchange for a size smaller, it'll be you who gets it in the neck for presuming that she's a fat tart.

Let her try the stuff on, make her choice and you smile sweetly while you tap in your PIN.

Besides, if you go in without her, you'll be served by a Diesel Fitter. "Size 12? Yep, dies'll fit 'er".


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I mean look at this lot and you see what I mean - stockings and suspenders - Designer and Luxury stockings and suspenders

its not sexy if you get my meaning the advertising is all wrong as the cut is all over the place. proper companies like berlei and triumph spent decades getting the cut and shapes right.

benny hill and kenny everett wouldnt be the same with the stuff they sell nowadays :)
I don't buy the Dragon lingerie from AP but the perfume is superb.


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Green webbing? Now THAT dates you! Bet you had a British Racing Green Austin Montego too.
I was 14. OG webbing came later.

nice pair of french knickers with a webbing set under neath on a pair shaped bum. great.

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What PIMH said. There is also the voucher option to consider, if your retailer of choice offers it.

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