Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by VerminWA, Jul 12, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone got a car from this guy, I've checked it out and it just seems too good to be true!? How can I lease a brand new car to the value of £26000 for £319.59 a month? That is the same as I'm paying on my cheap car loan for my 5 year old motor of the same type.


    Please note, I have nothing to do with Ling and I am not trying to promote his buisness I am just trying to work out if its a good deal!

    Edited to add URL.
  2. The catch is that after 2 years you would have paid over £9,500 pounds out to this muppet and have nothing to show for it, the car is never yours, it is always owned by Ling! What's more, you won't be allowed to drive more than 10,000 miles per year (the average person drives something like 12,500 miles per year).

    This deal is fine if you are given a COmpany Car allowance and want to renew your car each year, or you are a company providing fleet cars to your staff. Rather than wasting you money hiring a brand new car, buy something you can afford. at least you can sell it when you want rid and turn it into cash.
  3. Ahem, excuse me, the Guy is actually a Doll! Ling is a lady.
  4. Probably because it's contract hire - you don't actually own the car, just renting it over a contracted period - the website tells you
    Bottom line is that he/she retains ownership and probably has a guaranteed buy back from a 3rd party (probably a dealer) at the end of the lease. A lot of companies do it.
  5. But you do get free meal - no other dealers offer that. :)
  6. I have a better idea.

    Get posted to a tax free car and then sell it, a year later, for more than you paid in the first place.
  7. Visiting Rock,

    You are a dolt!

    So you think that by OWNING a car you won't have paid money and have nothing to show for it? Of course, the car you bought will have depreciated and you will be looking at a loss.

    Whether or not that loss is more by BUYING or more by CONTRACT HIRING is the big question, and one that you must make yourself. Buying will always involve some risk element, unless you are Glass's Guide expert at guessing residuals.

    I publish 341 customer letters on my site. Read them, they are real. I have 42 Press Articles, including page in FT. Read them. You are not an expert and your opinion seems ill informed (possible stupid). You think I just trick stupid people? In my sig, I specifically say I do NOT rent to STUPID soldiers. To protect them from themselves. However others can be trusted to make up their own minds.

    That is sensible answer.

    To Vermin WA

    Non-sensible answer: Visit Naafi Bar and ask about me, Vermin WA, amongst the usual Chink-bashing, someone will stick up for me (or stick one up me depending on their mood).
  8. I get your point but bear with me.

    My car; SAAB 9-3 Conv, 5 years old, 20k miles, no warranty. £12500 + 6% interest per year over 3 years = £14750. It has proved to be slightly unreliable and requires more services than it should due to service light coming on. It is also less fuel effiecient than a new car. After 3 years it will maybe get £5000 as a part ex so for 3 year motoring I reckon it costs me £11k

    For the same car with a 20k mileage limit per over 3 years £12.5k. So for the extra £1.5k (Spread over 3 years) I get a brand new car.
  9. Mileage:

    If anyone cars to print off a price list, they will see that on 95% of cars, I list 10,000p/a, 15,000p/a and 20,000p/a mileage rates. In the individual cars I show excess mileage rates where it is possible to know them. That just about covers average mileages. You talk out of your own Arrse, Visiting Rock.
  10. Yes, Vermin WA, plus it will be brand new which means : better mpg, no repair costs (full warranty), no MOT costs, full breakdown roadside bloody AA type cover, and minimal servicing (take any VAT reg garage for oil&filter service, but use manufacturer quality parts and oils to maintain warranty). Also, 2nd (and 3rd if 3-year) road tax arrives free. Don't forget you need fully comp insurance.

    Does everyone else think I just here to rip off soldiers? Hmmm. You will be able to make up your own mind. I will just say; if you do not want to keep for full contract, then don't do it. termination fees are high. that is why it is called "contract" hire, you agree to term so fin co can work out proper term-costs. Hope this helps.
  11. As I am full of wisdom, final tip:

    House is appreciating asset: Buy it.
    Car is depreciating asset: Rent it.

    Why own anything that loses value?
    The comment about buying tax-free in Germany certainly seems true. If you can do that, do it.

    This part of the board is VERY civilised. First time I have been here. :)
  12. What's the biggest, fastest car you have? I'm 21.
  13. :roll:
  14. Doesn't matter. Read the last sentence of Ling's signature block.
  15. What makes you think either apply?