Ling on Ebay

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by MicknDarcyJo, May 4, 2006.

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  1. Hats off to ling and i hope she gets a good price.

    Ling has offered to Help the Chesterfield Sea Cadets too with our Transportation problem

    She really is a superstar.

  2. Think I'd have a problem getting a car pass of the provo for that one... lol
  3. Phallic Symbol perhaps Ling?
  4. Laughing my chebs off , what a manic , excellent sales page.

    Ling, have you tried Google earth to see if the missile truck is on it? Then you could say - "Is even on satellite"

    Or you could just buy some land and paint a mahoooooosive LINGCARS.COM and wait for the next fly-by?
  5. If only I had the spare cash. I have no idea what I'd do with it, I just want one!.

    Perhaps 'Vote ARRSE' on the missile?

    How easy will it be to drive around westminster?
  6. "May suit Iranian, Burmese or North Korean buyer..."

    Oh dear.
  8. Laughed out loud! Brilliant!
  9. I personally think its outrageous that Ling has to move it. If the land is owned by Ling, or permission is granted by the owner then the planners should have nothing to do with it, as it is not a building.

    It reminds me of the guy (s?) in London and Oxford who had sharks coming out of their roofs, spitfires on top of their houses and all that stuff. A bit of eccentricity goes a long way in Bliars Britain.

    She should drive it to Westminster and "break down" :p

  10. That is spot on!!!

    Can't make that up! Hope she makes a few quid on it, especially with the reason for her having to mag to grid!

    Laugh? I almost Shat myself when I read it!
  11. The last line needs to be appreciated:

    "You want boiled or fried rice with truck?"
  12. Hi, Ling here!

    Glad the truck seems to have stirred you boys up a bit and you like the site. Only a day left to bid so if you don't do it for your country do it for Ling x :roll:
  13. I start bidding at £1. Come on Clarkson, JK, Midge Ure, flash boy pop stars, Ginger idiot Radio 2 man,
    Richard Branson, Kim Jong-Il; you all paid enough salary (especially BBC), so get bidding!

  14. i supply cars not nappies!!!! so carefuld with the pmsl's....... :oops: