Ling is against removing topic. Who is offended?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by LingsCars, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. So why???

    I post this to you privately:

    Cowboy, who decided to remove this thread? Where is racism? So I point missile towards America and dislike Japanese due to war crimes. Where is racism in that?

    I totally agree everyone has free speech, so why should anyone worry about racism, please let us talk!

    It is very strange that you allow references to my private parts and blatant sexual remarks (also don't mind) but are worried about racism! Please return thread. If I am offended, I do not know about it.

    I thought this area was allowed to be strong thoughts, it says this when I log in. If you discriminate about this type of remark, maybe you should remove all the NAAFI site altogether? I would love to be the sponsor of NAAFI board.
  2. She's got you there honey.............
  3. Also slightly confused. I thought that the rascism was aimed at Ling but it appears she doesnt think so. Can anyone from the Guardian please let us know who is upset by the banter?
  4. I'm with Ling on this one.
  5. Me too. Personally I dislike short people with ginger hair more than I dislike nips.
  6. I think that Pentwhine complained again. C_C presumably doesn't want to go the way of the Flash.

    Either that or the delete key is stuck.

  7. TLF, Goku etc, I AM NOT OFFENDED. Cowboy, you are wrong, please to reinstate topic! What is racist? You are probably British! That is funniest thing... was it because I said British Army is small. Cowboy, moderator should at least ASK if I am offended, or was it something I said, myself? Will we ever know?
  8. Ling- you may be as barmy as a skip full of monkeys - but you could hardly be the one offending people, as you took so much stick.
  9. If people are offended by the last thread then they have the option not to read it surely? There are some threads on here that offend me, so I go to another! This is the last bastion of non-PC gone mad doctrine... well I thought it was. My first generation Chinese friend would rip the teeth out of anyone who called her yellow, Ling was joining in!
  10. Have you read the obnoxious ginger mans comments on the other thread?

    Personally I thought the banter between Flash and Ling was very good. It's a long time since this site has seen such comedy duelling.

    Vote Ling! Your local PLA Candidate! Ling for cheap cars! Ling for poor imitation of Yoko Ono! Vote Ling!
  11. I know its not the done thing as this site is not a democracy but to save a gzillion threads popping up about 'why have the chink bashing threads gone', can a mod explain to the proles what the score is please?
  12. Crimp, I am not nip!!!!!!!! That is bloodi Jap. I am Chinese, we (generally) dislike Japs due to several war crime/medical experiment issues. At least Cowboy cannot lock topic because you call me nip! This cannot possibly be racist because it is wrong race.
  13. TLF, agree, why is the moderator keeping head down? I thought that was what Italian Army does?