LING gives brave ARRSE users a 10% discount on 1st payment!!

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by LingsCars, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Discount on ALL my new cars! ... for all ARRSE-holes :)


    FIRE IN HOLE! I have worked my socks off with my suppliers to convince them they should subsidise or encourage brave UK Army people who use ARRSE! I had so many moans about my wonderful KEYRINGS not being a good enough incentive, you greedy but brave chappies.

    I have gone halves with my new car suppliers to offer a 10% discount...
    ...on the initial payment for users of ARRSE.

    What this means (to be clear). If you chose (say) a NEW d4mn fast Mazda RX-8
    192bhp sexy Wankel Coupe in metallic at £270.24/mth (10k miles per annum) for 2-years... you would pay £270.24 x3 (£810.72) as initial payment, then 23 direct debits of £270.24. (£'s incl VAT in this example).


    I will return cashback 10% of the £810.72, so you get £81.07 back when you take delivery.

    Due to finance company restrictions, it cannot be deducted from the initial payment, it must be returned to you as cashback cheque in UKP (not Chinese RMB Yuan, dumbos).


    I hope you think this makes it worth to investigate my car deals, and I hope it assists poor, underpaid soldiers and ex-soldiers. My margins are low, so this leaves me with just a thin or no margin, and I am doing this to increase numbers and persuade my suppliers that the British Army is worth to offer deals to.

    It applies to ALL my deals, and to any car I do a bespoke quote for, so you can be assured I do not increase prices just to show a discount. Just tell me you are from ARRSE!!!

    Hope you all happy! Buy cars!! WAH!

  2. Standby


  3. I can beat all your deals, thats it I'm setting up my own rival car rental firm and sponsoring ARRSE.

    I give you all cars for free and a free STD free chinesse hooker, even rocket truck because we will have nicked them from ling with my master plan. N
  4. I have free STD. It is (0191).
  5. Hah but you dont have a free hooker with every rental! See your customer service is appaling infact I will write to the office of fair tradeing.
  6. Ling is in danger of becoming No1 in banter (which is not prawn balls deep fried by the way).
  7. I like Ling.
  8. Maybe I report you to Office of Bad Spelling?
  9. I like lobsters. Especially pink and fleshy ones. I think you will do fine, amazing.
  10. I was trying to make you feel at home, did I pronounce my tones correctly, my chinese teacher is always having a go at me for that.
  11. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Do you have a certificate of naturalisation????
  13. Ling, if I buy a car, will you do amazing things involving ping pong balls, balloons and a peashooter?
  14. Where IS Irish Doris? She spends all day in peat bog, then waltzes in here and starts throwing dirt around...
  15. ping pong balls, balloons and a peashooter and your arse?
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