Ling / Darkside Reunion

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by deerhunter, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. A couple of years ago the lings began to get a series of annual reunions off the ground. It was to become a more elitist version of the R. Signals Spec Op Reunion. It was quite well attended on the few occasions that it actually took place, then the whole idea died a death.

    OK, with this site becoming the means of choice for many people, my thought is basically, is anyone up for a Reunion at a suitable location, to be attended by the following people:

    Lings, either Int or R. Signals, past or currently serving.
    OPMIs who have served with sogenannte "Darkside" units, either past or present.

    I'd appreciate your thoughts on that one, if anyone is interested personally, PM me.

    Aha, I forgot, and before the usual suspects pipe up...

    "I'll paint over all the windows of the establishment where this is to be held to make everyone feel at home, plus don't forget to bring your Dungeons and Dragons costumes / buttplugs / ******* lube (delete as applicable)"
  2. Hmmm... I'll take...

    Have fun sweetheart!
  3. Will do love, I'd invite you, G2LB, but you'd probably not be able to find the place.

  4. Well I can read a map... oh hang on, it's in "cyberspace" isn't it? Role-playing on line is dangerous, look...

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  5. Don't send me your photo shit-lips, you're still not coming.
  6. Didn't say I wanted to come along to did I? Have a good time all the same you foul mouthed creature. :thumleft:
  7. I'll let others decide how and why you know of that site mate, and I'm sure the do will crack off alright, thanks.
  8. 24 hours later and with several PMs received this now looks like a mover. Will PM individuals with precise details, and will answer additional PMs as received. Many thanks for the offers of assistance too.

  9. Not dark enough and too much space in it.

    Was your Ebay search "suitable location for all Op Ints who are good blokes to meet up with like minded friends"
  10. How did you know that?
  11. By the way Scorptin, your grammar and typing is improving but there is an extra "that" in the last sentence that doesn't really fit. This is written English, not the type of texting shorthand that you normally bang out.
  12. You are starting to make me paranoid! It's all because I get so excited and carried away with the emotion of posting on here! :study:

    I can also provide some black paint for the windows to really make you all (you) feel at home! If you want I can have it buried in the ground. The location will also be handy for you to arrange a pick-up at the end of a fun packed night. TAXI for DH! :thumright:
  13. DH,

    Where do you have in mind; something nostalgic or somewhere close to one of the current units?

    Not that it really matters, as long as there is sufficient port to go round. :muhaha: