Lineys (sorry Drivers) vs The world

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Dgrade, Sep 11, 2003.

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  1. Being a new user to Arrse and having browsed through at great length, it seems to me that their is a great deal of tension between the good old binman and techies/IS Ops/ YofS that covers a great deal of subjects. Bearing that in mind I thought Id open this thread for us all to have a go at each other.
    Come on, have a go. you know it will be a laugh!!!

    Someone bring me a new Tech, I seem to have snapped this one!
    No one is to stone anyone one until I blow this whistle, even.....and I want to make this perfectly clear.........Even if they do say Jehova!!!
  2. Wrap some black and nasty round him dgrade, he'll be good for at least 3 more shags.
  3. Dgrade, don't use the same tech twice, Corps policy is recruitment not retention, their will be another one along soon. Fresh Green and above all, Tight.
  4. Tried that, but the little git wont stop crying :lol: :lol:
    How do you know she's a witch????????
  5. Dgrade.............I would never slag you Combat Trades are to valuable ! You make my day when I see you lot walking around camp. You all look so smart. You conversations are so funny. You never have a complex about other tradesman. You never complain about the jobs you do. You fulfill all your tasks and perform them to the best of your ability. And you are all so be continued !
  6. And you seem like a very nice chap yourself CS, maybe you could entertain the "combat trades" with a brief yet informative discussion about the meaning of your user name. I bet the long winter nights fly by in your house :wink:
  7. Boney_m............yes my wife, children and wife enjoy the winter nights. When you look out the window and see all the snow and the crisp clear sky we all huddle around the fire place and have good family fun. Then with a cup of hot choclate the children go off to bed and me and the wife sit and chat, watch telly or read a novel. She normal has a novel based around love and cheating and I particulary enjoy Fredrick Forsyth...........thank you for asking about my family life.........not quite what this thread is about........but thank you anyway :x
  8. CSMA, Boney asked about the user name, just remember to tell her you can't go FD

    Woof woof
  9. digimon..............there is always one.................i know he was asking about my user name.........god you must be from the Combat trade.....I dont even know why i am replying to you..............God help us if you are above L/Cpl
  10. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, saucer of milk for CSMA_CD - Frederick Forsyth and contention based protocols - You raver you :D
  11. CSMA,

    listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, Speak, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, speak.

    You have found your vocation.

    More Listen than talk, you will only ever be equal when you make it to FDDI.

    whats a L\Cpl and combat trade?
  12. Digimon you obs are someone who is trying to be something you an't. I thought the saying was

    you have no rounds in the BODY or chamber carry on.

    isn't the breach and chamber the same thing?

  13. Yass

    You really, really need to get some therapy.
  14. :D being an old liney ive listened to all the arguments about OTHER trades and lineys .....
    and ive come to the following conclousion

    IF you aint a REAL liney 8)

    your all FAGS :twisted: