Lineys.. or Communication Logistic specialist as we are to be called..

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by liney555, Sep 1, 2011.

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  1. Just seen, this has been released on the 30 Aug 11.. Oh and the liney belt is not to be worn as of the 01 October 11

    This must be the 7th time my trade has changed names now, RIP the line belt.. (will still wear it under the untucked uniform that has been introduced, but don't tell anyone)
  2. Surely a Logstic Specialist is a storeman?
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I always thought you were called getonguardnow....
  4. But will you bull the leather and polish the brass if no-one will see it?

    I bet you will, you love it you slag...
  5. I'd wait out on the belt, it may come back in for the driver liney storeman. I hope it does. It's one of the few traditions the Royal Corps has.

    Other than that, this is quite a good move for the Lineys and storemen.
  6. Reading the release the corps Raz man has stamped the authority on the belt not being warn.. bet he's an operator ;)

  7. Nah, he's RD.
  8. Very good :D
  9. But to be fair, how many lineys are 'in trade' ?
  10. Is liney a trade? I thought it was a hobby.
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  11. Liney's are gone. It's dead. Move on. Get with modern times. No one nails their balls to pool tables anymore.
  12. I was going down the line of 'they don't lay line anymore' but the rest will do. ;-)
  13. More of a sentence than a hobby I would say.
  14. I agree with HTB line has not been laid for years and you have MT wallahs claiming to be lineys! Wouldn't know a drum of P3 if it hit em.
  15. CQPMk3 I remember it well in its various colours, also PCTQ28pair /56 pair and so. Lead cable