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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by dj_simple, Sep 24, 2005.

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  1. I am joining the signals as a liney, what is the best posting to get? wouldnt mind doing a quite a bit of cable work.
  2. Why join as a Liney???

    Why don't you join into a trade that has a supervisory path?

    Liney is on of the worst paid jobs in the Corps!!
  3. wanna lay line get your self to a big unit. any div (3 div or 1 div) or any one of the big headquaters like ARRC.

    cant see why youd wanna do it personally. good bunch of lads with a job worse than mine. youd have to ask a real liney about the job cos it just looks crap to me. but hey what do i know?! it could be tip top. have fun in whatever you do.
  4. I was a cbt driver turned liney in the old 7 sigs ( late 80,s). I tell ya the job is hard,long work on ex/ops but crap back in camp cos once all the line is cleaned packed away theres feck all to do exept get dicked for every sh**e job going !!!!!! You havebeen warned. Apart from a HGV license theres not alot that can be used in civ div either. Seriously I,d look at another trade. I await the slagging from serving lineys !!!! Whatever you do enjoy it lifes too short.
  5. Don't be a Liney, at least be a Electrician or a Install Tech.

    Thats Unless you enjoy drinking your own Urine???
  6. hi,
    im a so called liney ......been in since 91, went to 7 from factory ( 8 sigs ) . did lots of arrc ex as line dog / mt driver ......not done much /any line since left germany in 1997...listen to a person that knows.............GET A TRADE ...IF YOU WANA DO LINE ..DO IT WITH BT .....
  7. There you go dj, Pull it in, has said it all. Dr felcher, nobody enjoys drinking thier own p**s. Thats just some thing that happens when you have a bunch of meatheads in the bar!!! By feck I,ve knocked back a few gallons an I tell ya it tastes like p**s !!!!!!!!
  8. There are very few units where you will lay any line these days.

    I have recently served in a Cormorant unit where all the 'client community' are linked together by fibre instead of line. All of that worked is carried out by Inst techs, not Lineys. The Dvr Lmn issues work tickets in the MT Office. Extremely dull.

    The big Armd units are not at that stage yet, but they'll have Falcon in a few years and it'll be fibre 'alles uber der platz'. Unless the Corps does something to migrate lineys towards fibre, then they'll (you'll) end up as just drivers and nothing more. Why join the RSIGNALS to drive a truck and then be career-capped at Sgt, when you can jon the RLC and get up to WO and beyond as a Master Driver, Qualified Testing Officer etc? Our Signals lads end up having to become Provo Cpls/Sgts, drill instructors etc and divorce themselves from their trade (that the army has invested training in) to go RD. Being a diplomatic kind of person, I'll shy away from calling it criminally neglectful, though I'm sure some people might hold that view.

  9. Exactly Cardinalsin. When I was in the MT Tp it was mixed sigs& RCT. While the RCT lads were going on all sorts of courses i.e HIAB, HGV1,Doc,s & accts,Instr , ADR, TTF, etc. Us sigs lads never got further than Truck 4t 4x4 GS. It was one of the reasons I left no carrear prospects. No other trade in the R Signals interested me so a retrade was out of the question. In fact I thought it was a complete waste of time joining the R signals, but it was all they offered me a the selection center. So dj whatever you do make the right choice, do what YOU wanna do ,not what the army wants you to do, Then a long succesfull carrear will await. LT.
  10. All i have heard is bad reports about this trade. Does anyone recommend electrician?
  11. Now electrician is a better option but why join the Signals to be an Electrician.

    Yes Its better qualified than Liney but again its not something the R. Sigs specialise in and you just end up on the RD rosta as mentioned on the previous page!

    If you want to be an Electrician join the Royal Engineers and be a 'Proper' Sparkie.

    If you want to be in comms then join the Signals else join one of the other Corps!
  12. Well m8y you've heard what people say!! But there's only you that can choose!! Go operator instead!!!
  13. Dont go liney, whatever you do...

    At least get yourself a trade, yes Electrician is recommended if you do not fancy Tech or Op.

    Lineys are just absolute nutcases that sit in an MT and moan about other trades whilst talking about how they lit a piece of toilet paper whilst it was up their arrse while drinking a pint of their collegues yellow liquid.
  14. Don't listen to em mate
    I'm a dvr/lineman and i f**kin love it!
    yeah its long hours and the pays not great but lineys bond far better that the rest of the corps who most of the time bitch like fek behind each others backs (just look at this site!)
    i'm also fibre qualed (got it at 280)
    also as you will no doubt find out the RD roster which is taking a bit of a roasting on this thread is choked up with fag ops/techs who are disalusioned with thier trades

    oh.. and promotions a bit better thar electrician too.
  15. Well look at the proof?? Fag ops make up more of the RD roster than drivers do? Yes fu**in drivers cos how many Lineys are there out there any more? Not many worth there salt or not many that qualify to wear the belt!! In most Regt's they masquearade as MT wallahs and even then most of the F***ers are banned and can't do there job!!! But say no more they still get to wear the belt!! Lineys forever!! Really :roll: :roll: