Lineys?? Are they worth it??

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by flattley, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. Considering half them are banned from driving
    what job do they actually do??
  2. Geek! Sit down...Shut up!
  3. Must be a liney

    nice 4 letter combination!

    Did you use spellcheck?
  4. Given that every trade in the Royal Corps' are trained to drive I would say we are better off getting rid and replacing them with more tradesman.

    They aren't Lineys anymore either. They don't do line. The Mechs and Techs can do that aspect of the job, and the Ops/storemen and EDs can do the driving.

    The money saved on their wages can then be used to bump up the Techs wages to a higher level.
  5. Well said chocolate_frog!!
  6. What?
  7. No I don't know how to use one of them, so I asked my mate. Fortunatley there was a tech beside him with a dictionary in his pocket. pfft
  8. Fücking Tech.
    So explian then why, if all in the CORPS are trained to drive, why is it that when real driving jobs come up, none of the techs are rated any good at driving real trucks, the few times i have seen a tech drive a truck, it always ended in tears!
  9. I've seen plenty of Techs drive anything from Land Rover GS through FFR and 4t GS up to 4t ERV/ESV without problems. If the only job left for Lineys is to drive, why should the Army carry on paying them when anyone can be taught how to drive anything?
  10. I siad real trucks, not gay bedfords and 4t dafs.
  11. Real trucks? Which other trucks do the Royal Signals use on a regular basis? I don't remember seeing anything bigger than a DAF/Beddie/Druro at any of my postings.
  12. My god you have led a sheltered career!
  13. Well it might be worth bearing in mind that its not just the cabbies around camp, never to consider the POL side of things, R&I and driving of HAZMAT, I know that ops are given that overview of the stuff and leccy, but I'm not aware of that many of them that hold a full licence for it and also the in tanks so the UBRE's would not move. Also who would work in the servicing bay? Oh and lets not for get the details clerk, pretty sure that white fleet needs to be controlled. And also the line side of things, for example the ARRC build, who would put in the line for that? Pretty sure mechs would be pretty unhappy if they had to spend all there time dealing with lightweight quad.

    Its like saying disband the entire infantry as everyone in a trade job is a soldier first so there is need to have specialists.
  14. I drive one of these...

    "me passing my fams in the rejected Defender 110 FFR replacement."

    But seriously, which trucks have YOU driven shell_scrape?
  15. Good attempt at a save their Loz, but alas the sword is begining it final swing, P45s for all gentlemen, get 'em whilst their hot.

    We can replace the servicing bay with civies in extremis the odd ED, and the details clk is for "white" fleet ie not green so they can be a civvie an' all.

    EDs can have Hazmat licences, makes sense they use all the POL so they may as well be responsible for driving it. I have a full (inc tanks) hazmat licence and I am Tech!!!! :D (and I use it).

    Yeah, lightweight quad is a bugger, but many hands make lightwork and all that. If everyone pitches in, and lays from their veh to the next one there wont be that much to do. Mechs and techs can do the rest.