liney storeman same trade?


i am a liney found out that we are goin to join with storeman to become same trade. I have been thinking about re-trading for some time now but after a brief from the signals wing from glasgow its now a must. I am interested in Becoming an IS geek now under some other name i have qualifications from school which u need to start with but i only just got my Maths up to the required standard. Has anybody re-traded from liney to IS before and what are the chances of it going ahead. I feel i have to do this or else i will have to leave the army asap. Thanks for any pointers you can give me
Your current trade will only inhibit your retrade if the Corp is desperately short of Linemen. I retraded from the Infantry to TG Op (which then changed to RS Op) before reaching my objective of IS Eng – soon to become Comms Sys Eng. As a geek I’ve work with ex-Tecs and ex-Operators of all flavours, we even have an ex-ED in our section. If you have the aptitude, ability and desire to work as a CSE then you’ll be welcomed into the trade irrespective of your background.

If you are potential geek material then hopefully your CoC will not want to see it go to waste at the MT or in 1(UK) Civ Div. Speak to them and the RCMO and get the ball rolling. If you are not really interested in CIS and just see it as a soft option then don’t bother. We already have enough of ‘those types’ who where forced to retrade just to make up our numbers short fall and to fill the ever growing demand for CIS support on Ops.