Linekers ARRSE Tie

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Murielson, Oct 8, 2005.

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  1. Anyone watch the England game on BBC today? If so what do you reckon to Linekers tie being a candidate for an ARRSE one?

    Is Lineker a closet ARRSER then?
  2. Which one was he wearing?
  3. Ahhh ok.

    Quick question... which one would go best with a black pinstripe(wide spaced ones) suit? And what shirt colour should one choose??
  4. ^you need to check the shade of black - if it matches the broad stripe on the Country Tie, the effect is awesome. Hark at me doing a Trinny & Susanah :lol:
  5. What colour shirt then??
  6. FFS, it has to be salmon pink, doesn't it?

  7. What a bunch of tarts you are!!

    If you have doubts matelot you need to buy them all - I have got both originals.
  8. Veggie - link to the site for the Angelina pics that appear in your avatar would be appreciated please.
  9. Well, as a newly promoted SNCO (less than a year) and being quite young (25), I am appalled at some of the things my fellow SNCO's wear. Therefore, I'm trying to go down the dapper route but not overly dapper if you know what I mean?? And yes, I have looked at the Officers threads on clothing and some of them really need to put to sleep by a vet.......
  10. I think the original site is called avatarity or something. I've made quite a few of my own though from pics I've found on the web. Devil finding work and all that...if anybody wants 'em I'll zip 'em and email 'em.