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lined dpm combat smock.

about to give away an old dpm combat smock, lined NSN 8105-99-132-1823.
It wasn't issued to me, though i was pre cs95 when i joined. It was given to me by an old sweat of a tankie, who was my neighbour. I used it for range weekends, etc.
It kind of pains me to give it away, but i promised my wife's cousin i'd give him some of my old kit next time we visited, and seeing as mtp is coming...
Anyway, before it goes, i wondered if anyone knows when they were issued?
It has a metal zip, buttoned collar for a hood, a crotch strap-buttoned, and an olive green lining. Non-bellows pockets.
Any ideas?
I think from what you are describing that style went out about 84-85, although I may be wrong. There used to be trousers to match that had the lining as well.
no, neither stitching nor elbow pads. It does have one of those 'poacher's pockets' in the arse area of the lining though - what were they put in for, i wonder.
Issued in the late 70s/early 80s.
Changed in 85 to a lower standard bit of kit.

Had a wired hood sewn on to one of mine, and the cuffs from the old green woolen gloves reversed and stitched on.
Good jackets, had mine for my whole career.


no, neither stitching nor elbow pads. It does have one of those 'poacher's pockets' in the arse area of the lining though - what were they put in for, i wonder.
As explained to me on issue in 78, the pocket was for stuffing a Jersey, Heavy, Wool into if you were in danger of overheating, but had nowhere else to put it. A well-made, robust, and dare I say it 'fit-for-purpose' piece of kit, and far better than the next iteration to come out of the Man at Q&M.
That pocket was to fold the jacket into.
The jackets were great, and lasted for years, I had a tailored one, which was faded, and fitted like a glove.
The trousers were crap, the crutch hung down to your knees, they took ages to dry.
I was issued that type in 1973. The "poacher pocket" was, as said, intended to roll the jacket into and you could then use it as a pillow. The hood was detachable.

The similar type with the ribbed stitching on the collar and reinforced elbows was the very first type of DPM smock, based on the previous OD combats which, I believe, were a result of the Korean War.
Sounds like the old '68 pattern. I have a full set which I'd been issued as a Cadet & then wore in my first Regiment. Still has cloth stars sewn to the shoulders as my Colonel at the time didn't like rank slides on combats. Warm as you like, but terrible if wet.

The entire combat suit nearly went in a bag given to the local ACF, but I ended up keeping it for sentimental reasons. It's shrunk a bit, mind, so I'm keeping it for MasterPlume to use for dressing up.
Which sado's are checking nsn's on a Saturday night.
You must be a hoot on a night out.
Some of us aren't allowed nights out on the lash any more :-(

(I had just dropped the young-uns down town and then had to vent to room to clear the air of pepper spray and CS gas after being taken on with a paintball gun - doesn't have to be a pished up night out to be a hoot.) :)
Deffo '68 jacket. Manufacture discontinued in '84 pending the issue of the god-awful '85 Patt. but still very much in use beyond the intro of CS95. MTP will finally kill this classic off for good. The ribbed collar type mentioned was '66 Patt. - which was actually superior to the '68 kit.

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