linear harbour area

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by tommo5456, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. could anyone tell me how thes are formed, i.e how platoon patrols into them and the layout of them- where does HQ go, Sentries ETC
  2. SOP's mate. What rank are you?
  3. cant remember vfrom training mate, no dramas with the triangular job. but this one has me beat. any help?
  4. I could tell you but its really need to know
  5. Go and see your nearest Full screw. Ask him for his Brecon SOP's folder (everyone keeps it)

    Look up harbour areas.
  6. Linear Harbour very easy to do, get hold of TAMs or as mentioned above SCBC notes
  7. I remember this one. And of all the things I'm ever going to divulge to people I don't know over the internet, SOPs for getting my platoon into all-round defence aren't on my bloody list. I mean, c'mon, you must be fcuking joking! "Where does HQ go? Where do sentries go?!?" You'd remember that after doing it just once in your life, which suggests to me you haven't. I smell something fishy.
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    This chap is asking far too many questions- read the profile.

    Most of the Q's once asked are replcaed by a Thank You.

    Mods - have a look please.
  9. well thanks for the no help, and for the record i have been serving in the RAMC for nearly six years and am on a bloody promotion course that is why i need the info-as for your f'ing sop's medics tend to rock up get the tentage up and get the brews on- i thought i was asking a reasonable question to either old and bold or those still serving and that may provide me with current stuff. it seems to me that the majority of comments on this site are from winging has beens, wannabe para regt, or just bloody spotters who work in the rhq with fcuk all field experience.
    and to all those people who actually help others on this site thank you and for those of you who have helped me in particular thanks very much

    nice one now you miserable sods have p"£$%d me off and i have to write platoon orders cheers good blokes everyone of you.