"Line shooting"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by oldbooty, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. I think thats what the crabs call it
    It could also be "the story behind the story"
    Those moments that sound really macho/ arrd / ruggsy when recounted in the bar, right up to the bit you dont tell. The bit that shows you to be the real bloke you are. The bit that is possibly embarrassing or just too hideous for any form of company. :omfg:

    An example might be my experience
    "Yeah darlin I broke my ankle once jumping out of an aeroplane" 8)
    what I dont say is that it was fogbound on the tarmac at Lyneham AGAIN and our jump had been cancelled AGAIN and being the tool that I occasionally am I jumped to the tarmac with far too much kit on landed awkwardly and..... well the rest is history and the pisstaking has barely stopped after twenty odd years :oops:
  3. Oh dear I do apologise
    This is an ARMY site isnt it
    No imagination and needs to have the manual to take a shite
    do you have any such stories ?
    Nah forget it cant be bothered to read it and Im just skiving at the moment!

  4. Old booty, despite you being a dirty cabbage head, please continue to post, and please ignore the fcuktard above...
  5. Dirty? I had a bath last year
  6. fcuktard.......
  7. ambiguously timed there :?
  8. Similar to spacktard, but without any class. Cnutsocks is also becoming popular, and can be used in exactly the same way as fcuktard or spacktard.

    OB, in answer to your query, I knew someone who claimed that their strange skin blotches were the result of being caught in an explosion in the first gulf war. What he left out was that it was his fault and used too much benz when burning the sewage in a pit.