Line Infantry Synopsis! the cheek of it!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by boredcivvy, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. Unfair synopsis?

    In the United Kingdom, Infantry of the Line or Line Infantry refers to the soldiers forming the bulk of any dismounted force, as distinct from Guards, light infantry and more recently, special operations forces.

    Infantry of the Line are so called because they fought in rigid formations, unlike light troops, who fought in loose order. The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries saw expansion of the roles of the infantry, specialist grenadiers appeared and the role of skirmishers expanded. The Line Infantry was the remaining body of musket-armed foot soldiers.

    The tactical distinctions between infantry regiments disappeared in the late nineteenth century, but remain in tradition. Most infantry units in the British Army are regarded as line infantry, including the regiments historically classed as light infantry.

    Modern day British Line Infantry Regiment recruits undertake 24 weeks of training (CIC) at the School of Infantry Catterick; whereas superior counterparts in respect to fitness and infantry/soldiering skills undertake longer and more arduous training:

    Parachute Regiment: 28 weeks
    Royal Marine Commandos: 32 weeks
    RAF Regiment: 29 weeks

    Despite Line Infantry being highly capable combat soldiers they are still referred to as 'Crap Hats' by the Parachute Regiment, Royal Marines and members of II Squadron RAF Regiment.

    The term 'crap hat' is derogatory slang for the reason that Line Infantry soldiers have not completed one of the followig arduous courses:

    Commando Tests
    RAF Pre Para

    Thus, Line Infantry are deemed inferior with respects to the dynamics of an effective combat soldier compared to that of the Parachute Regiment, Royal Marines and RAF Regiment.
  2. Watch and shoot, watch and shoot.
  3. It was clearly an ape who written that..
  4. And it's escaped twin wrote your reply.
  5. Royal Marines don't refer to infantry as "crap hats", they are members of the army so they're "pongos".
    Royal Marines don't refer to members of the RAF as infantry.

    Obviously written by some RAF regt type with usual chip on shoulder trying to "big" themselves up.
  6. is the standard difference thing correct though? due to the extended amount of weeks??

    Im a civvy (hence my username) but I have 2 friends in the forces at the moment, one who is in the Royal Engineers said something along the lines that the RAF Reg are a load of crap, and Army combat support units have better soldiering skills than the RAF Reg!

    The other one has just come out of 1 PARA, and said the RAF Reg he worked with whilst in SFSG were "fu##ing top notch" especially the FAC boys! and would rather work with them as opposed to the Royal Marines who he didnt have a high opinion of!

    Not sure if this was because of the age old rivalry between Para and RM, but he seemed quite passionate with his negative views of the Marines.

    I'm more inclined to believe my para mate as his synopsis of the RAF reg was more constructive as opposed to my RE mate who just put them down straight away without even had the chance of working with the RAF Reg
  7. log in and change it.........
  8. The only Infantry inferior to RAF Regt:


    (and that's only because they are on R+R.)
  9. That'll make a change then..... :roll:

    The only people I've met who constantly use the words "Craphat, hat" etc all seem to be airborne or airborne wanna bees.
  10. The offending article should really come under the heading of this pre-existing one:

    Clearly it has been written with the sole purpose of distinguishing the Royal Marines, Paras, and RAF Reg from the rest of the Armed Forces. FFS, the article mentions these 3 units more then it covers the Line Infantry themsleves :evil:
  11. It's obviously been altered but this line got me:

    "RAF Regiment: 29 weeks - at RAF Honiton; this course differs in certain respects from standard Infantry training reflecting the RAF Regt's primary role of Airfield Defence/ Force Protection."

    Im interested to know what you think your recruit out of Catterick knows that the lad out of Honington doesn't.Barring Coy+ level Ops.

    Vaguely sensible please, it's not the NAAFI.
  12. Errr... what's wrong with the comment: RAF Regt Field Formations (Squadrons) differ somewhat in size/ structure/ focus from Army Infantry Companies/ Battalions, and their training reflects this.
  13. Ive heard the argument that the RAF Regt can't do Inf tasks so many times, and that was how I read that.I may have been wrong.

    However at least to Plt/Flt level, we are configured the same and use the same TAMs.
  14. He probably knows not to spend the rest of his life feeling slightly inadequate. He also probably knows he doesn't need to try and "big it up".
  15. Can't think of any then?