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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Porridge_gun, Jun 11, 2003.

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  1. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    I feel its time to liven up the forum and add a few laughs, or we may as well join pprune and wear Farah Pants and kicker boots.

    Every Squadron past and present has had a line book at some stage, Please add your most memorable entries, please, no names I'm sure we will get the jist

    In your own time, carry on..............................
  2. There was an excellent line book at 7 Flight in Berlin.  I wonder if it's still doing the rounds in Asia?

    One of the Sqns at 4 Regt had an excellent line book (can't remember which one).  Maybe some of the current members can include some of the best bits?
  3. Scene:  Over Afghanistan, Oct 2001.  RAF AWACS controller tasking a USAF B-52 to check the route of some SF with it's targeting pod...

    Controller: 'Cadillac 65, request you recce the road between lat/long xxxx and lat long yyyy'

    B-52: 'Roger that sir...'

    5 mins later:

    B-52: 'Okay, I've wrecked the road between lat/long xxxx and lat/long yyyy, but have still got one JDAM remaining.  Do you have any other targets?'

    Stunned silence all around on board the AWACS! :eek:  Thankfully, no innocent lives were lost!  But the SF had to find another route!!!!

  4. ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D

    Excellent M2
  5. Gunny,

    The aforementioned Line Book is definitely NOT in Asia! I've looked!
  6. Murf, did anything survive from Berlin?  There should be two line books, dating back into the 70's.  There was also three A0 sized note books which were used as the Flight scrap books, containing press cuttings, photos, etc of life around 7 Flt, three hanger and West Berlin.  All these contained the unoffical history of 7 Flt AAC.
  7. Try the museum as thats were some of this kind of stuff ends up. When 3 Flt wrapped, we auctioned everything off, 9 regt QM wanted to be present because he thought we were going to sell all the kit with crows feet on too. We did! The money raised made for a good pi55 up in the lake district I can tell you!!!!
  8. I know the 664 line book suffered a little in transit from Minden to Dishforth and the standard of entries flagged, was it ever restored to its former glory.

    Some top entries that had me giggling for hours, but can't recal any :-/
  9. Same here Mighty.  Some excellent lines, but can't remember any.  Shame if the above have now dissappeared into a black hole.
  10. No one has line books anymore, worst luck.. Probably not politacally correct, or am i wrong
  11. No line books?  Is this the demise of crewrooms?  Or don't they exsist anymore either??   :(
  12. Gunny,

    Sadly, I feel, there is very little evidence of the Flights Roots before reforming in SE Asia, just a couple of Piccies with the likes of Taff W***er and Ted Ash**n on.

    As Flash says, the best place to try is the Museum.

    By the way, the Crewroom here is definitely NOT dead, as it doubles for the bar.
  13. Removing the line books is a criminal act :mad:

    Next they will be removing the uckers boards
  14. Now there's a flash from the past !!  Taff was a Welsh madman, excellent drinker and a good egg.  His misses was also a good laugh!  Wonder where he is now?

    Ted was total opposite.  Stunk of stale pee and cigs, rarely washed and was a typical sad arrsed singley with no mates.  I wouldn't piiss on him if he was on fire.  Hopefully he's dead in some rat infested flat somewhere in darkest Eingolind.
  15. Uckers?  What the fcuk was all that about?  I just couldn't get into that, whatso feeking ever.