Line Belts

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by skyhook, May 11, 2007.

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  1. Do any serving Lineman (not Drivers) think that the whole ethos of Linebelts has gone now. I was disgusted the other week when one of my old Troop members was posted to 3 Div as a driver in the Mt and was given a Line Belt by the MT Cpl to wear, because they all had them and wore them. he had asked me previously for a belt and i had told him he would have to work on a Line Det and earn it. Much like we used to, not just get given it by a Royal Signals Driver Cpl as a fashion acessorie becaue e was given one "Buckhshy" ?
  2. I feel your pain skytool. Well, actually that's a complete lie. I don't. What I do feel is extreme shame and a little embarrasment that we are serving in the same army. Reading your post makes me cough up bile. Please die soon.
  3. Skyhook, surely it's a single trade and thus your "R Sigs Driver Cpl" is exactly the same as a "Liney Cpl"? Do you have a different slant?
  4. I totally sympathise mate.

    When I arrived in my first unit as an RTG many years ago I was proud to have a pencil sharpened at both ends as we had been taught in training.

    Imagine my disgust when the whole ethos of double-ended pencils was diluted when some chopper handed his own double-ender to a fucking Combat Powerman!!!

    FFS, no standards at all. The Powerman did not earn the right to use that pencil and should have stuck to those pencils with a rubber on the end like the other non-RTG's used - or even one of those with a novelty fluffy Mon-Chi-Chi on the end of it like the SSM had.
  5. But was it a 2H pencil or a buckshee HB?

    All the line I have seen recently being laid was by Sys Eng Techs or Inst Techs. Maybe a few grumbling Mechs.

    The Drivers just seem to mutter about how they have no drivers, the drivers they do have have gone over their hours or they have no vehicles to give out for self drive....

    So when you've bulled 'em up, send 'em up to TM Troop, where the spirit of the Linesman lives on.
  6. One of the most comforting things about this thread is that one who may or may not be entitled to wear a line belt can, a. Switch a computer on
    b. spell driver and c. manage to take time off from eating SH*T sandwiches and chowing down on urinal sweets to enter the forum!!!
    Times have changed
  7. Some traditions should stay. I remember my first unit, i wasn't allowed to wear a Brigade stable belt till i passed my armour course. Gives you an incentive, rather than just handing it over
  8. You're a driver aren't you?
  9. At 249 (and I am sure A Tp of 244 did this too) never gave you a Sqn/AMF(L) belt until you had survived the delights of Norway.... BRRRRR, Brass Monkeys.

    PS. Cheers to the tea leaf who robbed mine, from my belt loops at Blandford, still haven't been able to replace it.
  10. Thats a bit harsh surely the hole ethos of the army is built on traditions such as these!!
  11. Traditions are important and we all love a bit of a banter, but isn't the serious point that the "line belt ethos" is in an unstoppable decline, for reasons outside our control, as line dets are steadily disappearing. In a high-speed comms world where fibre is king, the inst techs will continue to usurp the lineys in laying out infrastructure. Does that means that less and less people will "qualify" for such a belt until someone will admits that the battle is lost. What will the criteria for line belts be when no one lays quad anymore? Perhaps instead we could have a single-core belt for Inst Techs instead? :wink:
  12. I've worked on a line det and an ERV and SASMC and a RR so can i have one! So how many original Combat Line man are there really out there ,not many I think(Dvr lineman doesn't count) and while we are at it how many Combat Signallers are still left or Combat Radioman. and finally the foundation of the Corps, Combat Powerman with a pencil sharpened both ends! come on anyone can lay a cable from A to B plug it in!
  13. I seem to recall this discussion a few months ago. Anything with "combat" in the title is just basically logistics close support now isn't it? Next thing you know the RLC will try and nick our training budget. Heresy!
  14. Desert: Start using spell check.
    PD: Your comment is spot on !!!
    Frog: I have still got my belt from The Red Hand Gang (Lippstadt 1968)
    Lineys deserve the belt, they worked in atrocious conditions. Meanwhile us RTG's sat in our warm K9's, heated by D11's et al. But we always gave a passing liney a hot brew/meal.
    Respect to that dying trade
    Even in my final days as a YofS I always found time to give a passing Liney a brew.
  15. well said YofS. See the sprogs in the Corp have no respect or idea of tradition. Sooner or later it will be a case of having 3 trades in the Signals. An Operator, Technical trade and maybe a support trade (Combat Sig). I am a combat lineman to all those out there who seem to believe there are non left in the Corp.