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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by EyeScream, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. Is it right to wear a linebelt if you haven't done any linework just MT work? I've recieved mine but I don't want to wear it because I don't think its right to wear it if you've done no line work.
  2. I never wore mine as it was just another bit of kit to bull up. I was around when drivers & lineys were merged & some of the older time served lineys took exeption to a bunch of drivers tipping up wearing line belts. Personally I did,nt really give a fcuk, & the only times I wore one was on a couple of line troop photos & then I was under orders to wear one. But if youve passed your trade training etc whos says you cant wear it ?.

  3. Have you drunk any of your mates p@ss yet,ate sick for breakfast? If you have then wear it and be proud! And anyways how much "line work" is there really????
  4. yea i have drank piss and sick like, good fcuking laugh too. Cheers thanks for the replies
  5. A good old shit sandwhich makes a mere signalman a Lineman, and there to be feared!
  6. Is there not already copious amounts of threads on this subject? Go find one a resurrect it if you feel the need to discuss line belts. Otherwise the same stuff will just be turned over again.
  7. Shh...Geek!
  8. I got mine in 99. Dont wear it anymore though except for on my jeans..

    In my opinion the lineman trade is dead and buried and the 'banter' that it use to carry died with it. :D
  9. Do guardsmen mock thier history and traditions, why are airbourne guys so proud, fück off cünt and mock ye not!
  10. Whatever mate. [​IMG]
  11. And another thing, i am not your mate as i do not go out on the piss with you, or share any form of social interaction (apart from these 2 minor entries) with you what so ever, so there!
  12. ok then.. Whatever [​IMG]
  13. Liney 555, your Chavlike vocabulary marks you apart from other men. From 1975 to 1977 I had the privelidge to spend two years living in the block with the lineys. On exercise, in all weathers they could always be relied on to get through.
    Without fail, within 20 minutes of getting into location, extension 605 would appear under the side of our 9 X9 with unerring reliability. In 264 , known for their primma donnas, the lineys and telemechs were the ones who went quietly about their business, earning more respect then some others :wink:

    These men are a breed apart, lest the Royal Corps forget where it has come from, then please let the unrolyal slime offer a gentle reminder:

    Sgt Patterson 21 Independant Parchute Company

    I am humbled; but some TOTs will be livid, many more spinning in their graves.

    Get back on the dole where you belong pikey 555 !!! :evil:
  14. Fücking Yeah!
  15. I was trained as a "Combat Lineman" in 1981 and did the CL540U upgraders in 85. As the trades were amalgamated, I was one of the first people to be lied to by Manning and Records, telling me that "because I had been trained as a Liney, all my future postings would be lineman based”. As you guessed, that was never going to be the case and off I went the MT in Harrogate where I did no line work but the belt was worn only by the trained lineman; this was accepted as the fingers up to Manning and Records. (and strictly enforced by rock-ARRD Lineys from years gone by)

    This rule seems to have been watered down over the years, as the trained Lineys leave the Corps (me in 6 weeks) and only the memories and stories remain. We were on the front line of a Cold War which (thank God) never happened. We were there before you, we left after you and while we were there we did the sh*tiest job invented. I loved every minute of it and wouldn’t have changed my grounding in the school of life for the world.

    I would like the entire MT to put on the Line Belt (yes it must be bulled) and be very proud of them, but don’t argue over the whys and wherefores. Just remember there was a bunch of blokes who were quoted to have “10 mins” to live if the flag went up and hated all grid references in the “Bielefeld bowl” because that was going to be a real ENDEX.

    For the next 6 weeks, I have the longest serving “LineBelt” in the Royal Corps, anyone beat 1981?