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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by dirt_bike_rider, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. was just wondering who can wear the oxblood line belt - someone who shall remain un named has recently taken to wearing one after only 7 years man service! as a bitter and twisted jnco who has been passed over board after board i feel disgusted that the liney image has been tarnished by this red headed geek.
  2. All Jnco’s and Sig’s should be wearing Black belts.
    Sgt’s Brown
    Senior Lineman or SSgt Oxblood
    But you are all Dvr’s so who cares…
  3. ******* ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was made in 1953 i signed for it in 1972 and i still polish and wear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Memories of polish skid marks on the back bedside mats those were the ******* days.

    Hairies fed on shit and kept in the ******* dark. Bliss!!!!
  4. When i was in - lineys and telemechs were the only ones who could wear them as they were the "line" trades....

    Lineys wore thiers dark tan and we telemechs stained ours black with polish.

    No one else wore them end of dit.


    PS - Still got mine.
  5. Who cares, what's there to get a cock stand for ?
    Dave stweurt use to thave a tan line belt when he was full screw. You wouldn't argue with him, not back in the day, anyway.
  6. tut tut girls.

    The belts were only to keep up your trousers, after they were filled with the shrapnel from jew jars Won from playing Nommy.
  7. EST-1878 wrote:

    "All Jnco’s and Sig’s should be wearing Black belts.
    Sgt’s Brown
    Senior Lineman or SSgt Oxblood"

    In 22 years as a liney, I never heard of this set of "rules". Mine was always black, siggy to sgt.
  8. thats cos he made it up, just to get up peoples noses
  9. Bitter and twisted Id say get your self some quals and bother your ass and you might just get promoted
  10. I was told that the only reason that Line Fairies wear leather belts is to keep their pie filled bellies from exploding when they're discovered tossing it off in the back of the line wagon...

    Now as a former Relay Op (God's Trade) I realise it is purely because they're all leather faggots and need somewhere to hang their "Oil The Joints" knife as opposed to putting into their lickle pockets like the rest of the world...

    Now if that doesn't get a few glasses flying across the NAAFI, I don't know what will.... :wink:
  11. Speedkuff you are an arse you are right though the glasses would fly in the NAFFI towards your bonce. Gods trade Relay Op I think not!!! Liney's already are and have been for years so kiss ma hairy ex Liney ass.........

  12. You can't be lineys or ex-lineys on here, unless you have all got together in a Borg like collective and donated your individual brain cells to enable this sort of technological wizardry.
  13. i think if you are ex anything then you are sad for being on this site.....says me !?
  14. snigger
  15. Sorry - i feel asleep reading posts from a Radio Delay.

    We all know Telelmechs were the king of trades. nuff said.

    Whilst you lot were "digging in" and errecting masts/laying cables, we were in the RAF PAC eating banjo's drinking tea and playing cleg/sgt major/nominations/jenga/watching porn/sleeping in a propper bed

    :) any idiot can be cold. takes a clever man to have the RAF Egg Ops bring hot meals 4 times a day in hayboxes for days on end, safe in a nuclear bomb shelter