Line Belts

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Dirtyfilthymech, Feb 2, 2010.

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  1. Are you still allowed to wear them?
  2. Ooops just found this
  3. PD 213 says they are to only be worn by the Driver Lineman Trade. Since that doesn't exist anymore (DLS) then the answer to your question is no.

  4. Are you sure Linky 3rd job down?
  5. I saw an Inst Tech wearing one recently and he claimed that they were "historically" allowed to wear them. Pretty sure he's mistaken but maybe some bright spark knows better.

    Not a wah.
  6. Why would a Mech want to wear one? I only ever saw one in three and a half years in a line troop and that really was to differentiate him as not being as good as the rest of us.

    Freckles/shit sandwiches/drinking puke - the best man I ever saw for that was a Mech; step forward P***y *ue*.
  7. Inst Techs no longer work on airfields or cover any of the old liney role, they are 2 trade changes away from the original liney boys who are mostly hitting 60 these days!

    Just let it go, get down the museum/PRI and buy a nice stable belt theres a good lad, no need for the stupid leatherman to hang off it either (dont want to look like a YofS now do you?).
  8. What would you describe RAF Akrotiri as then?
  9. A shithole!
  10. Ha ha. Brilliant. I wouldn't say it was that good! :D
  11. Dirtyfilthymech,

    website from your link is out of date. Suggest you read RSIN dated 01 Sep 09.

    Anyway, its a line belt. Never heard of a mech belt.

    edit for spelling
  12. And telemechs don't exist anymore. Or RTGs or TE techs or Relays..............................
  13. TeleMechs worked line. They laid it and repaired it from exchanges, comcens etc to end users.: PLOH, UG, coaxial, internal and external as well as combat line (D10, 10 pair et al) and equipment.

    In fact, Combat Lineys were not the successors to the original Linemen but Telemechs were so they did have the right and did wear line belts.

    Gone but not dead apparently as there are reunions, exclusive to them, every year.
  14. Fair enough.