Linden Dollar Fraud

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Gundulph, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. Just want to warn everyone of only buying Linden Dollars through the Linden Exchange, I have just been scammed big time of $300 by someone on E-bay, anyone want the details PM me; obviously there is a reason S_L only allow newbies like myself a small amount of Linden per day to purchase, why! I don't know as it made me look elsewhere for an amount I needed to purchase property by Saturday but with the current system I would need to wait several weeks to buy that much Linden from the Exchange...

    So, just be careful and only buy from the Exchange... My lesson is learnt gullible tw*t that I am!!! (first time in 5 years on Ebay I've been scammed and he had built up his positive feedback, which looked great!, by selling positive feedback for $0.01 to hundreds of newcomers!!! I discovered this when i realised I'd been scammed)...
  2. Have you been scammed 300 Linden Dollars or 300 US Dollars? And how did you pay him? If you used your CC or Paypal you have buyer protection - i suggest you use it!!!

    Make sure you report him to ebay, the very mention of fraud these days is good enough to get an ebayer booted. Feedback is everything on ebay - its always best to check out who your buying from, looking for good feedback, unique feedback and the items he has sold to others. I've bought Linden on ebay and had no dramas at all. You've obviously identified a wnaker.
  3. No worries Boney_M I've used the buyer protection (it was $300) and Paypal have already offered it to be escalated, importantly to not just get my dosh back but to stop this wnaker doing this to other gullible/innocent people, many of whom might have very little or worse, get ill from the experience, I've asked ebay and Paypal for an Address but they've politely not produced one 8) its a yank though...
  4. Thats the most important thing, dont let him do it to others.
  5. The **cker probably doesn't realise he could give some unsuspecting bod or bodess a heart attack when they realise they've been scammed!

    Thanks for the input Boney_M and believe me, it is currently being resolved... just a shame we can't be given these people's identities.
  6. RESULT! just had the money reimbursed, this has to be a record with Paypal they must have realised straight away the seller was a con merchant, it might also have something to do with the fact the Eurpoean side of Paypal is finally running our accounts and not the American side, this would have taken a month or longer before?!