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Evening guys,

In the Mess, do/did any of you have a fund purely for LIMs to have functions, and if so, where did that money from the fund come from. Did the LIMs pay extra, ontop of thier normal subs, into it, or was it taken directly from the GPF.

Many thanks
We had a LIMs fund in Edinburgh. Better food, more condiments and theme nights with wine on the table. It gives you a greater say on things. I’m pretty sure there is something in the Regulations about extra messing.
If I remember rightly, we paid more as a LIM, some of which went to the LIMs fund.


A good friend of mine lobbied for and was accepted as Messing Member (1980s) in BAOR. He ran it better than Milo Minderbinder and turned the mess into a 4-star dining club.


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You may struggle to have a LIMs function in any PAYD mess, which is all of them.

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