LimpDem immigration policy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Mar 28, 2010.

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  1. Any new mmigrants will only be allowed to settle in sparsely populated areas of the UK according to Nick Clegg. And they won't be able to move on.

    Had to have a chuckle at this one.

    Have you got a spare room available for a US merchant banker communting to the city or an asylum seeker from Somalia with his extended family in tow?
  2. What nonsense. Leather-coated and trilby'd pairs of LibDemPo men at the railway stations: "Papers!"

    An apple to the first who says: "Good luck" out of the side of their mouth.
  3. Yeah. Like the Labour lot tried that and shipped immigrants to the East Midlands. Sent them up by bus and said here's your new home. Within a month, they had virtually all moved to London and the South East. Is Clegg going to do a daily check on them to make sure they haven't moved? Mind you, that is two policies the Lib lot have come out with in the past week. Normally takes them 3 months to multitask like that.
  4. Move them to Scotland and rebuild the wall.. if they are good for the economy then Im sure our Jock cousins will welcome them with open arms.

    Stops overcrowding in England, re-populates Scotland... and enriches the place with all those wonderful cultures.

    Why it would be racist of us not to do it!!

  5. Fook off will you.
    I was toying with the idea of retiring to the Highlands in a few years, I'll be very agrieved if I get there to find it full of fooking Somalians.

    As for Clegg, what planet does he live on? Does he really think ruraland isolated communites will accept an influx of foreign immigrants? It will be a bloodbath.
    I grew up in rural Cumbria, if government tried to foist unwanted immigrants there it will be a disaster for the locals and a very short and unpleasant stay for the immigrants.
  6. Believe me... they'd welcome the Skinnys more than a sassenach!!

    Lib Dems are as idiotic and dangerous as labour... well except that theyd never win an election.

    As far as I'm concerned now, the more the merrier.. brings tipping point closer and then we can sort this mess out once and for all.

    Its all going to end in tears but there will only be one winning side and it wont be the uninvited colonists.
  7. I'm not English :D

    It would appear Mr Clegg either hasn't given this idea much thought or he wishes to see immigrants persecuted in a big way.
  8. This Govt. deported a convicted Algerian bag snatcher home twice,only for him to return again within days from Algeria to carry on his crimes.....Clegg is living in a dream world if he thinks he can let them in and the keep them in one place....what a joke!!!!
    Even the immigrants in rural areas are eating all the ducks and swans....the man is a tosser!!!!
  9. Poorly phrased, but replace 'immigrant' with 'asylum seeker', and establish a system where support is only given should a person agree to live in a certain area, and I can see merit in a policy of spreading the load.
  10. The Aussies's tried something similar I believe but found it un-policeable/enforceable. As for moving them to Jockland, well Thatcher tried that with the boat people in the early 80's. They lasted a winter then packed up and moved to their ancestral home: the S.E. of Enggrrland.

    The Libs really do need to get someone on board who doesn't come up with policy that came to them in a dream.
  11. That merit being the membership of the BNP increasing?
  12. Excellent idea. I recommend this to the house. However only with one proviso, you send lots of money from the South East to help accomodate and feed them :twisted:

    I also see great job opportunities in construction, building the houses and of course the wall you want to build. Of course there is no guarantee that we will be able to keep them here after they sample a little bit of snow, in June, before they head back down to the London area :p
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    That's why these fcukwits will not get voted in this time around - one of the many reasons.

    These immigrants have travelled in some cases 1/2 way around the globe to get to Blighty, will then be allowed to stay by the Limp Tw@ts, but only so long as they stay in a quiet little bit of the UK . . . . . . . and their tax-funded lawyers won't scream 'abuse of human rights' at all, honest, when their clients are told they aren't allowed to move 20 miles east or west.

    D!ckheads, with a moronic, pointless and meaningless policy.
  14. My bold. However, they stand a reasonable chance of being the cause of Labour being re-elected.
  15. Or alternatively say " we are full, off you go".