limos in funeral procession over doing it?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by andyboy443, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. funeral procession just went past my house and i noticed ther were two limo's at the back (both with only one person in them) and i figured this was slightly over the top. im getting cremated when i kick it (never fancied all that rotting in the ground) but it seemed to me that if you've only got a couple of people to ferry back and forth it would make more sense (and i think more respectful) to keep the thing small

    maby i'm just nit picking but thats my opinion
    lecture ended

    thanks for that - moved. mk
  2. [align=center] 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O

    Thanks for drawing this glaring non event to our attention.

    8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O [/align]
  3. While we're at it, I do think that an expensive wooden box is a mite over the top. What about hessian sacks? Environmentally friendly, and a hell of a lot cheaper. You're only going to burn it or bury it aren't you?

    And Headstones - why? If you can't find the grave then either get a better memory or just say 'Hi' at any grave nearby. It's not as if the dead are gonna hear you is it?

    While we're at it, why don't we just chuck the bodies in the nearest waste to energy incinerator so that everyone could benefit from your loved one's death. The power firm might even pay you a little for the fuel...

    Please note that this post is meant flippantly. Don't start crying and taking offence, because I'm not interested.
  4. bloody hell legs stand easy. I`m selling raffle tickets to buy a cardboard
    coffin and so that people can stand in line and piss on my grave.
  5. MOD I said Pish not urine
  6. Anything left over from the cost of a cardboard box and of course the incredible booze bill. and the stopping of the clock. o yes of course the digging of the
    hole. will be donated to SSAFA and the RBL
    Any one interested pm me. I am not well man. but thats what I told the
    last three wifes thats why I am skint
    God bless you all I AM NOT NIGERIAN IT IS A GOD DAMN LIE
  7. AYUP MOD any chance of another gong
  8. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    So, the Cruise Counselling course was a success?
  9. OFH its hard work innit
  10. It was. I am now all pink and fluffy...

    or is that just my knickers? :oops:
  11. Doesn't the fluff play havoc with the clinkers/dangleberries?
  12. Clinkers? Dangleberries? Don't know what you mean. Only you sweaty, hairy-arrsed blokes get such things. Didn't you know? I'm a Laydee.... :wink: Baby wipes are a wondeful thing for deep fresh cleansing.

    Oh, and fluffy knickers make you smile all day long..... :D
  13. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Pink maybe, fluffy? Do they tickle your fancy?