Limoges / Dijon

Discussion in 'Travel' started by mush_dad, Dec 4, 2012.

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  1. The other half and I are planning our hols for next year. I've managed to pursuade her that a leisurely road trip to the South of France is more interesting than slumming it with pikeyair again.

    This year we're heading to Carcassonne, I reckon on the first leg getting us as far as around the Limoges area, stop for 2-3 days, then head down to Carcassonne for a week. The return leg taking us up to the Dijon area for a 2-3 night stop before the mad dash to Calais.

    So guys, any recommendations for decent places to stay/eat/see roughly 50k around Limoges/Dijon. We're looking at Chambres d'Hotes in interesting towns or villages.

    Any suggestions or recommendations gratefully received. Also if anyone has done the trip and can suggest a different route down and up, by all means let me know.

    Cheers and thanks in advance.

    PS. If anyone has or knows of a Merc SL, Jag XK Conv, or DH Corniche going cheap around August next year, let me know. I'll even sell it back afterwards
  2. South of France can be expensive. Have you considered Charente maritime? Miles of coast, Bordeaux, cognac, empty beaches quiet roads.
  3. If you go a bit West of Dijon you come to the Burgundy growing area around Beaune, I used a cheap Ibis hotel in Nuits St George a long time ago. Theres a couple of Ibis hotels in Beaune itself at about £60ish a night and that the epicenter of the Burgundy wines with the great reds to the East & whites like Puligny Montrachet & Mersault to the south mainly! Theres a good, but expensive hotel in Puligny Montrachet, Le Montrachet. But the great thing around this area is all the fantastic wines if you drive around you will find lots of cellars offering tastings, have a look at these sites to give you some ideas. Be warned doing a lot of tasting can put you over the limit if you are driving
    Town of Beaune, Burgundy, Wine and Tourist Information, Cte d'Or, Bourgogne, France
    and Rick Steves' Europe: Drinking up Burgundy's Delights
    and Wine tastings in Beaune, selected tours & cellar visits | Burgundy Eye
    and here Wine Tasting activities in Beaune - Lonely Planet
    As you might guess I love Burgundy wines, red & white, trouble is they are expensive! Have a good trip!
  4. It is expensive, but having spend the last 3 years holidaying in Nice, we're adept at making the Euros go that bit further.

    I'd go west coast no problem (always fancied Arcachon), but the other half isn't keen as we're going out mid Sept and she insists on decent sunshine and weather. That said, if there's a route that could allow us to explore out that way on the way down to Carcassonne, I'll have a look at it.
  5. for the outward journey Cognac is well worth a visit, a bit further on than Limoges but if you like your cognac you can't go wrong as all the "houses" are there. We stayed at the IBIS just down from the Remy Distillary, good value and comfortable enough. If your going further down from there you have to go over the Millau viaduct, I had planned to do it a couple of years ago but missed out due to car problems.
  6. Go a bit further south from Limoges to the Dordogne. Sarlat-le-Canada is a lovely town - excellent restaurants and a great street market. Lots of lovely little villages and towns (Domme and Beynac-et-Cazenac for example).

    Every village seems to have a good restaurant and these two places are well worth a visit:

    Chateau les Milandes (Josephine Baker's old country estate - my wife loved the place, and it is quite and interesting bit of French history)
    Castelnaud la Chapelle (Castle with a museum of Medieval warfare - village has a couple of good restaurants)

    I was there a couple of years ago - good weather, great scenery and the restaurant prices were pretty good. The open air markets also have food stalls - try the fresh roast chickens or the fresh paella.

    PM me if you need any more info.


  7. There used to be a nice little hotel in a village called Pierrefitte, just south of Limoge, Dijon and the wine growing area around it is bloddy expensive.

    If you're in the area of Limoges, look up Oradour-sur-Glane, where 2nd SS Panzer Divisionn massacred the entire village on the way to Normandy. To be fair the Resistance had threatened to burn an SS battalion commander at the stake, but there are (were) two Oradours and the Krauts picked the wrong one for their retribution...

    Also, we used to 'bowler hat' generals who failed, the Frogs Limogee them. It's the biggest military backwater in all of the Pays de Grenouille.
  8. Yes, that's one of the reason I mentioned Charente Maritime, nice steady drive to Cognac, if you like Oysters they just sell them on stalls at the side of the sea, loads of oyster beds in the region. La Rochelle is a nice town and quite pretty.
    I'd not even go to the South as that coastline there is so beautiful and empty and not as far.
    The Cognac houses are fantastic and the smells... oh fantastic. If you buy Coganc also buy Pineau de Charente which is Cognac mixed with Grape juice it's a bit like Sherry but not as sickly, very more-ish.
  9. Agreed with pineau de Charente, knocked a few bottles of it back. We did the Hennessey House which included the crossing of the river, I could of stayed in the warehouse all day with that smell.
    I know Royan is not everyones flavour due to the fact we totalled it during WW2 however there are cracking areas nearby and wonderful beaches.
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  10. check out Troys on your way it's a lovely medieval city with a few English kings buried there Henry V being one of them, shopping is good for the Mrs too. Don't bother running around Dijon buying mustard because as my wife found you can buy the same stuff in tesco.
  11. Mrs CD and I popped down to Montpelier on the motorbike a few years ago.

    Le Havre - Tours - Toulouse - Montpelier - Lyon - Reims - Le Havre : back in time for tea and medals.

    Toulouse was great, great food and some sort of music festival/live music in the town square.
  12. They had some pretty exchange students doing the tours when we went and they were pretty. The Pineau was better from the better branded ones but of course some cheap stuff from the side of the road was more than good enough for me.
    I seem to recall getting a 5 litre container of that or it could have been wine. Necked a fair old bit of it, fell asleep at the side of the pool, boyfriend left me to snore and slavver most of the afternoon until I was half burnt to death.
    I did go to Royan but can't rememebr what it was like but for sure there are miles and miles of lovely beaches often empty.
  13. Thanks for the tips all, we've identified Poitiers as probably our first stop. It seems to tick a lot of boxes and we can do a run out to the coast if the weather holds up.

    Agree with a previous poster about Dijon prices, but the GF wants to see the place, so we're still looking for a decent town about an hour away from Dijon (preferably on the north side)

  14. Pretty much agree with this, I have stayed a few times in Fuisse, great wine and food. Macon is also a nice place for a lunch by the river. Personally I would give Dijon a miss, its a bit dull and built up.

    You might want to try and avoid toll roads if you can, that eats into the euros. Also dont forget the breathalysers.
  15. Ask around within Carcassonne itself if you want to try proper cassoulet, as some of the restaurants are mediocre to say the least. Might be worth asking outside the castle walls for the proper stuff- bit hit and miss in the touristy places.