Limo tank shields PM from Al-Qaeda

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by rockape34, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. HERE
    ... hmmm - protection for ministers from the public?

    I would have thought that Al-Queda would be happy to protect Brown's Government as they are destroying this country more efficiently than the terrorists could.
  2. I'll need a .50 cal now then to do the job.

    Make the cnuts drive through a minefield in a snatch landrover.
  3. Is a snatch not good enough for him??
  4. Why did he not just buy a snatch rover, they're supposed to be the dogs re armoured protection aren't they :wink: :wink:
  5. I think you've got this all wrong. I'm sure that what you're describing is the new vehicle to replace snatch Land Rovers, after all, our esteemed leader places the lives of servicemen and women way above his own safety.
  6. Good point and I agree with you.

    But they can spend all this cash to protect their skins from what is a not very likely danger, yet they can't dig deep for the lads in real and constant danger. Why do the words cowardly, despicable and unworthy keep resounding in my brain?

    perhaps though they are worried more about the public getting fed-up with them?
  7. You're a faster writer than me pal!!
  8. When will they be available at Withams? Can I put in a bid now for when they're surplus?
  9. It will just encourage them to use a bigger ied .Armour protection isnt everything you kow :twisted: .
  10. What a f*cking hypocrite.

    I hope he gets a 34lb IED.
  11. There have been some armoured mondeos on there before; or were you really hankering after that V12?
  12. heh, indeed; though it would be better if the cars were bigger so they could hold the entire cabinet and labour leadership...

    What was wrong with the old ones? They were brought in post-2001 has ballistics protection in armoured cars progressed significantly since then?

    In fairness the government is not the only ones to have bought such vehicles recently:

    However i'm not sure if they're protected or not as that would be an average of £33,000 each.
  13. I'm just wondering how err "green" these are going to be? Is this the reason why we all have to be eco-friendly now? Because Broon's bought a few cars that will drain their petrol tanks in less than 5 miles. Or is that the reason fuel prices have dropped back down again recently?
  14. Sorry to VOR the outrage bus, but as far as I can tell the headlines are:

    - UK Government officials have armoured limos, like every other fecker in the world
    - Armoured Limos occasionally get replaced
    - Protection levels havn't really changed
    - No better than a Snatch against IEDs (despite the aggressive use of terminology in the article...)
  15. my orders in with friendly Ivans guns and stuff :twisted:
    for a matched pairof rpgs
    anyone know when the season officially starts :?