Limo bomber terrorist beaten up in prison..

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by frog_face, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. Heard on BBC NEWS that Dhiren Barot, the mastermind behind the proposed limos filled with gas canisters attacks in Britain and NY has been duffed over in prison, and is in hospital with 'substantial injuries'. Apart for the cookie for the guy who did it, I hope this will keep the evil pr@ck on his toes for the next 40 odd years.

    Can't find the story on the net so got no links at the moment....

  2. He went straight into hospital???? They should have at least put him to the very bottom of the waiting list :x
  3. I know, b'stard doesn't deserve it. Well, somehow I think he will sue the prison services for not 'protecting him' and a media onslaught by human rights groups.
  4. Oh well better luck next time :D
  5. I hope he gets shoed every day and f*cking night. I also hope he gets male raped.
  6. Beaten to the story due to afternoon nap;-0
    unforunately he probably will sue the home office once to no win no fee lawyer gets their snout in the trough.

    Never mind, better luck next time!
  7. ... what you don't seem to have grasped a_nony_mouse is that, unlike veterans, this guy has rights :frustrated: :evil:
  8. I seriously hope its not the last shoeing he gets ............. he could always ask for solitary or too stay with the pounces and nounces if he feels he is at risk.... terrorists and sex crimes go well together :shakefist:
  9. Latest is that he was scalded, and it was serious because he spent 5 days in hospital. What is it with these terrorists, first they want frying (Glasgow) and now they prefer being boiled, wished they made their ruddy minds up...
  10. Tread carefully, it's still a hot topic
  11. I here he is still highly eSTEAMED within the terror community.
  12. Great stuff...brought a smile to my face. I've heard from old school friends who went down the wrong tracks (including one ex-Cheshire regt) that the technique employed is to use castor sugar or something similar in the boiling hot water so it has a Napalm effect :D

    HMP Frankland being located where it is must be full of Geordies...hopefully he will get the same treatment for the remainder of his sentence but he'll probably go on the numbers...
  13. My heart pumps purple p**s. Hope he meets buba and a few more ODC's before someone turns his lights out for good!