Limited edition car, not limited!

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by atmycommand, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. bought a car under the belief (from press releases by the manufacturer) that the car would be limited to a run of 500

    apparently the car may not be a limited edition afterall. I paid a premium under the belief this car may be slightly rare and therefore hold price stronger.

    have i been miss sold this car? or is it tough tittys?

    Cheers amc
  2. This happened to my brother when he bought an Austin Princess vanden plas it was very sad.
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  3. I had one of them, prob worth 10k nowadays
  4. Details please.

    (no not on the princess TY).
  5. well they said (and its plastered all over online reviews) that the car was limited to 500! Its been announced over seas that the order has not been capped and they expect to keep producing this car on demand!

    dont wanna go into too much detail untill its confirmed (hopefully tomorrow) but am i being a soggy blanket or have i been hard done by?
  6. Wheels and tits? You never gain from cars mate.
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  7. not looking a gain! just to limit the losses! there was a similar limited edition version recently and it hardly depreciated compared to the standard counterpart
  8. Go to trading standards with full details, they'll advise you correctly.
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  9. Best case scenario is you return the car and get a refund. I am pretty sure there'll be small print somewhere protecting the manufacturer.
  10. its 4000 miles young! not sure how that would stand!

    each individually numbered aswell to add to the illusion
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  11. You could probably still push for it under contract law.
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  12. looks like the manufacturer is stalling on making any comment!
  13. I will be honest that, in my limited experience, but wide reading, always take such things with a large pinch of salt.

    Remember the Buggatti Veyron was supposed to be a very limited production run, never to be repeated etc etc. Even the most exclusive things tend to end up being less exclusive than you thought and generally less valuable.

    You've been conned but undoubtedly cannot do anything about it. Do you have anything even appraoching a legally binding contract?
  14. Phone them and ask if you can buy number 501.