Limit immigration, warns House of Lords

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. Dear God above. Common sense breaks out in the House of Lords.

    (Not so at No.10, where down in the bunker Broon, who is of course fully in touch with reality, immediately rejected any form of a cap on immigration.)

    "The number of immigrants entering Britain should be capped, an influential House of Lords committee has warned

    Its analysis concludes that record levels of immigration are bringing no economic benefit to the country.

    The report says that ministers should urgently review immigration policies as plans to increase the population by 190,000 a year threaten to have "major impacts" on public services and housing.

    The economic affairs committee - whose members include eminent economists, businessmen and politicians - rebukes the Government for using "irrelevant and misleading" economic statistics to justify the boom in immigration in the past decade.

    Lord Wakeham, the former energy minister who led the eight-month inquiry, said ministers risked stoking social tensions if they pursued policies that "didn't make economic sense".

    The report, based on evidence from dozens of officials, academics, business leaders and council chiefs is the most detailed analysis of the economic impact of immigration carried out in the past decade.

    It concludes:

    - There is little or no economic benefit to Britain from the present high level of immigration. The immigrants are not needed to fill labour shortages or help fund the state pension for retiring Britons.

    - High levels of immigration threaten to price millions of Britons out of the housing market over the next 20 years.

    - Government statistics on immigration are "seriously inadequate" and compromise the ability accurately to set interest rates and allocate £100 billion in public funding.

    - Certain groups, including the low-paid, some ethnic minorities and young people seeking to get on the jobs ladder may suffer because of competition from immigrants.

    - Immigrants have an "important economic impact" on public services with some schools struggling to cope with the rapidly-rising number of children who do not speak English as a first language.

    The report says immigration has reached a scale "unprecedented in our history".

    It says that the net immigration of non-British persons has trebled from less than 100,000 a year in the early 1990s to more than 300,000 in 2006.

    It contradicts the Government, which has argued that immigration has boosted the economy by £6 billion a year.

    Ministers have argued that the population may have to rise from 60.6 million to 71 million by 2031 to plug shortages in the labour market."
  2. Britain can grow/raise food for a population of 55-60 million. Any higher population and it all has to be shipped in. That has an impact, carbon foot print and all that. It also means the WWII convoys across the Atlantic could not support this populations size.

    Can we ever discuss this sensibly though? No, 'cos you'll get called a racist by discussing it. Or some BNP launatic will come in and forget any sensible conversation.
  3. Don't limit,eliminate.

    Weed out and deport all the criminal/workshy/potential or actual terrorist supporting immigrants.

    Then resume immigration on a very selective basis.
  4. Labour's case for immigration has been blown apart by those Peers (who can't be ignored).

    Good news , far as I'm concerned. Not racist by any means (although the press says that we are labelled as racist for raising concerns).

    Too many people getting new cars/SIM cards/immediate housing, and not all EU people, are they?

    Our young people are apparently disadvantaged by massive immigration, as are the low paid.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Oh bugger, the gate's been left open, now where's that damn horse?

    I'm sure I said a while back that by the time the gate was closed, so-to-speak, we'd have so many immigrants it would already be too late for the harm to be stopped.

    Major recession here we come, but council taxes and central gobment taxes will continue to rise inexorably to pay for the schooling, medical care, benefits, council housing and policing - just for the extra immigrants that are here already.

    So, looking at the figures above, we've got somewhere in the region of an extra 2-3 million (that we know about) mouths to feed, bodies to clothe, people to house and jobs to find - when there will be very soon, bugger-all jobs to offer, many more unemployed to pay for and far less tax revenue because of the gobment-created recession through appalling fiscal management (yes I know, they'll blame the sub-prime screw-up in the US, but I know it's not got a lot to do with it). What will it mean for those of us STILL in jobs? Higher taxes, and thus, even less money to survive after the petrol, diesel, electricity, gas, council and stealth taxes, not to mention the increased interest rates on loans and mortgages as the banks try and recoup their losses from repossessions and dodgy US mortgage deals.

    The country is just starting to hit the buffers after years of fiscal stupidity and short-sightedness on the part of the communists, and the immigration issue will just be the icing on the cake.
  6. All studies into immigration don't, I'm afraid, tell the whole story.
    I work at a GP surgery in an inner city with a high immigrant population, mainly SE Asian. Since we have started ethnic monitoring, some 38% our practice population is black or asian with the Asians numbering over 30%.
    Those 30% of the population account for 85% of all appointments on a regular basis. Every day the surgery is full of asians with coughs, colds and other minor ailments who demand to be seen. Woe betide the GP that tells them to go home, buy some paracetamol and drink plenty of water (advice already given in the practice booklet and on posters). The complaints come pouring in that the GP didn't examine them, they want to see a different doctor etc etc. Immigration has brought benefits to Britain and I find that most SE Asians are very hard workers and strive to make their businesses a success, whether it be the corner shop or the local chemist. Unfortunately, they come with a huge amount of baggage. Women over 50 are classed as "old" and stay at home, letters to the home office are demanded to show that granny, who lives in India, will be better looked after if they allow her to stay here, despite the fact that many people actually fly to India to have health checks and knee replacements etc because the waiting list is shorter and it is cheap.
    It's not so much the amount of immigrants in the country but the demands they make on all our services, whether it be health, benefits, administration etc.
    This House of Lords report is to be welcomed as it show up those who harp on about how immigration is so good for the country to be talking through their arrses.
  7. Without Prejudice

    exbleep: some people have been milking the system for decades. Places like Leeds, Bradford, leicester, Nottingham are virtual meccas for them. They even dominate areas so much, that they virtually control them.

    Just what on earth are our Forces fighting for , besides each other, and a loyalty to their Sovereign? What else is there? To come home to no council house, communities destroyed and changed forever?
    Immigration destroys communities, local customs, our way of life, along with jobs, education, and our childrens' future. Look at the faces of the elderly, the young, and indigenous communities, in the aftermath of mass immigration. None of us suggest racist solutions or to condemn immigrants.
    But the whole situation just stinks.

    Today, it was generally reported that the Government wants more immigration. Immigration levels and the despotic Labour Government
    might mean that someone is importing voters, to hang onto power. ....perish the thought. :?

    It's been thought for some time that our own UK customs, traditional communities, our original identity and way of life have been systematically smashed by people who despise the English identity and british old fashioned values.
  8. It's not just the low paid.

    There's a very well known UK company that's making its technical staff redundant en masse and replacing them with Indian graduates. The graduates are employed on a contract basis via Asian outsourcing companies.

    The Indians are intelligent, well educated and hard working so they do a good job. Being foreign domiciled Indian citizens, they get a dispensation from HMRC and avoid UK tax and national insurance. They can even get their VAT back on leaving the UK.

    The company is laughing because they can give the Indians the same disposable income as UK staff while paying them half the salary. No need for that annoying 10% employers' national insurance contribution either. Or paid leave. Or paid sick leave. Or maternity leave. Or pension contributions. Or lawyers to go to industrial tribunals (that awarded an inconvenient £30 million against the company last year). Or redundancy payments when projects get cancelled. Or years of disciplinary proceedings required to sack wasters without violating their human rights.

    Government policy is making British workers at all levels unable to compete. Ten years ago, non-doms working tax free consisted of a few City based millionaire bankers (that's not cockney rhyming slang by the way). Gordon's desperation to throw cash at 'deserving' foreigners is such that the non-dom wheeze is spreading to technicians and middle managers. Perhaps he'll do something when the few factories left in Britain start laying off their staff and replacing them with illiterate Asians who'll work for peanuts.
  9. The Labour communists HATE British culture and customs and are hell-bent upon their destruction.Exibit A Margret Hodge.

    The thought that the British white working-class defied Labour and voted Maggie in three times in a row from May 1979 to June 1987,denying Labour "their entitlement" to rule Britain at that time has not been forgotten and is being avenged with a vengance.

    The importation of immigrant votes to offset Labour's poor showing in the polls is another priority for them,or they will be out within 2 years or so.
  10. The government will never cap immigration or even attemp to restrict it while they are relying on their (expected) votes to remain in power. They also relaxed the controls on postal voting, despite being warned of the potential for fraud, because they reckoned the frauds would average out in their favour. If they weren't voting Labour, you can bet there'd be a big drive to close the borders! Nothing is more improtant to them than retaining power.
  11. On a positive note, at least the house of Lords appears to be doing its job.
  12. The east Europeans who are supposedly taking all the jobs are hard workers and pay taxes etc like us. The problem is that many unemployed are not prepared to work. They would rather sit at home with free rent and get a handout while actively seeking unemployment. The real answer is for every immigrant allowed in who is prepared to work, deport someone who is not to a lonely island. Then the work / lazy balance is restored and a great saving to the taxpayer is made.
  13. Taffnp,

    The problem is with recent tax hikes against the low-paid(exibit A being the elimination of the 10% tax band),this awful government is pushing people into welfare depandancy.

    You can claim tax credit if you have children,but not if you don't,therby encouraging the chavs to breed more of their usless offspring subsidised by working people.

    This also benefits immigrants who have more children than British families.

    These changes are not arrived at by accident.Labour are targeting their voter base for preferental treatment.

    If you are white,work for a moderate wage,have no children,then tough sh1t from Comrade Gordon and his obnoxous minister for children Ed Balls(too busy be far claiming his expenses to worry about the working class).

    Labour-communism by stealth.