Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by aflyinghaggis, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. Ive just downloaded the free limewire! Ive heard it gives you viruses is it a safe thing to use or not?
    What should I do to make sure I dont get a virus?
    Ive just got AVG free
  2. Limewire is old school, good back in the day but shite now, try downloading torrents.
  3. i've got a copy of the full version which i might be able to email you...... not that i condone illegal file sharing or anything.

    never had a virus or adware from the full version..... usually get it from the porn downloads :)
  4. Ive just got 5.1.2 will it give me viruses?
  5. Limewire may be old school but it is still very good. You can get viruses from it when downloading songs for example. Check the length of the song, the size of the file and other things like the album etc. If these coincide with the song your wanting to download, crack on.
    However viruses can still get through. I've found that Norton Antivirus 360 is the best antivirus software on the market. It checks your computer frequently and advises you on how to remove certain things.
  6. avast Antivirus.... it's free and it's saved my bacon many times.

    It self updates constantly, so can be a pain when booting up, but it's good, tells you every time you log on a dodgy site and denies it access.
  7. F-Secure stops all my nasties every time, hasn't let me down yet :wink:

    By far the best for music. Forget limewire, you wont even know this program is running.
  9. We use utorrent
    and go to mininova and sharereactor for files.
  10. Forget limewire, if you want illegal downloads (which you wouldn't because that's naughty) you should get bit torrent. uTorrent is great (how do you get the character for the mew?) and pirate bay (google it) is the best torrent tracker- good user reviews and really simple.
  11. Downloading porn?Which decade are you living in?

    I bet you use an old ZX spectrum with a pentium II processor sellotaped to the side of it.

    Oh hold on the hoof...good drills. :wink:
  12. Limewire in my personal experience isn't very good. It does have attached viruses to certain files when opened and also has the tendency of having non program relevent titles to what you're downloading. For example downloading a simple song may be a presidential speech or more than most is just an advertisement to a website/s.

    I'd recommend Utorrent, Bittorrent or even Bitlord for your downloading needs. Once downloaded simply search for 'insert name of song/film' and add the word 'torrent' within your search and the rest is pretty self explanitory.

    As always with new programs they can take a few attempts to 'master' but I can guarantee using a torrent rather than a straight CPU>CPU download engine is far safer, easier and has a far higher chance of finding what you're looking for.

    Also if you use Firefox as a web browser in conjunction with AVG free it will automatically search every download for viruses before allowing them to infiltrate your computer.
  13. Although some Arrsers don't rate Limewire highly, it is worth looking at It is still one of the most popular downloads and is generally highly rated. Futhermore download. com has an anti-bug policy and theír stuff is not infected.
  14. I had a nice chat with teh wonderful people at CEOP ( a few weeks back. They told me that on Limewire now, the vast majority of files on offer have some kind of infection or spywear attached (I stopped using it quite a few years back) which does not supridse me at all. Go for torrents instead.

    i got pointed towards this site the other day and it seems to be very good for downloading torrent and hard to find titles (was after a copy of wings of the apache made in 1990 couldnt find it any where, vuze found and downloaded it in under 2 hours) as well as alot of just out movies and music