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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by thrombo, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. thrombo

    thrombo Old-Salt

    I am using AOL 9.0 VR, and my operating system is Vista. Here is the problem
    I want to use Limewire, but when I load it up, it is telling me that I have a Firewall switched on. I have turned off Windows Firewall and the Mcafee Firewall, but it is still saying the same thing. I am certain it is something to do with AOL, because a friend of mine uses Vista, and his Limewire works fine.
    Anyone had this problem? Any tips or solutions would be great.
  2. slimjim

    slimjim War Hero

    Here's a tip, dont turn your firewall off, dont use lime wire
  3. Steven

    Steven LE

    Right click on the Limewire Icon on you desktop, click "Properties", go to the tab "Compatibility", check the box, "Run this program in Compatitbility mode for:" and make sure it says "Windows XP (Service Pack 2"

    Now open Limewire,

    Should work!

    Read through the thread though as there seems to be a few other possible problems/fixes. Mcafee for instance.

    Have fun
  4. thrombo

    thrombo Old-Salt

    thanks for that. massive help. nobber.

    edited to add- not you steven, slimjim.
  5. thrombo

    thrombo Old-Salt

    tried that before steven- no help unfortunatley.
  6. Awol

    Awol LE

    AOL are evil. They take over your computer and treat you like an idiot which is okay if you are a 78 year old grannie who needs her cyberhands held, but a pain in the botty if you are anything else.

    Bin AOL and Limewire and go for Emule. Heaps better.

    Edit...years ago I made the mistake of using a free internet AOL disc. In the end I had to reformat the hard drive to clean it all out, it was literally the only way.
  7. thrombo

    thrombo Old-Salt

    thanks deputy, getting closer !
  8. slimjim

    slimjim War Hero

    It is massive help, limewire is shit, turning off your firewall is asking for it...

    Sorry did I not spell it out enough for you? Does your brain hurt when you think?
  9. and a wire...

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  10. thrombo

    thrombo Old-Salt

  11. Sparks_Fly

    Sparks_Fly Old-Salt

    Whether using Limewire or Emule keep your anti virus up to date. I have used both briefly and got shed loads of viruses detected in the files.

    As for AOL, I totally agree with Awol. Sign up with a decent ISP.
  12. slimjim

    slimjim War Hero


    Limewire will fill your pc with viruses! Personally I think this is the best torrent client

    Make sure you scan for viruses and spyware regularly and defrag your hard drive if you're doing a lot of downloading etc

    Also use this with your downloads, helps keep the tinternet police away (not that I think you will breaking the law as we all know it would be wrong)
  13. stayce88

    stayce88 Old-Salt

    i agree azureus and transmission are the way to go
    limewire, frostwire etc p2p stuff is virus riddled
    which is ok if u have a mac like me :)
    not so good if u have a pc and *hiss* vista
  14. thrombo

    thrombo Old-Salt

    just tried that matey, didnt work. after speaking to a geek i know, he said its P2P thingy bob stuff as a whole that AOL doesn't like.

    However, I will not lose this battle.
  15. stayce88

    stayce88 Old-Salt

    it does work you have to make sure u download the right program for your system and u have to have ur java updated.

    such programs run better on mac it must be said