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Jow are we on stocks of Limericks?

There was a young parson of Harwich
Tried to grind his betrothed in a carriage.
She said, "No, you young goose,
Just try self-abuse.
And the other we'll try after marriage."
A lad from Shepton Mallet
Selected his bride with a mallet
Smash smash smash smash
Smash smash smash smash
Smash smash smash smash she's had it.
There was a young man from Nantucket,
Whose d*ck was so long he could suck it.
He said with a grin, as he came on his chin,
If my ear was a kunt I could fukc it.
There was a young lady from philadelphia
Who found herself left on the shelfia
She muttered "Who cares?"
No one wanted her wares
So she cheerfully played with herselfia!
There was a young lady from Aberystwyth
took grain to the mill to make grist with
The millers son Jack
Laid her flat on her back
and united the parts they pis&ed with
There was a young man from Pitlochry
Who tried to have sex in a rockery
He said to his partner
A keen amateur gardener
This isn't a f*ck, its a mockery
There was a young lady at sea
who said "How it hurts when I pee".
"I see", said the mate,
"That accounts for the state
of the Captain, the Purser, and me"

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