lime wire

i own a nokia n97 mini and i was wondering if any one knows of an app or a site to download the limewire program or equivalent? not sure if this is the right forum for this but any help is appreciated.
i tried that but my phone cant understand the file type? am looking for the same program but encoded for mobile use
Not sure about apps for the Nokia but most people will tell you to avoid limewire like the plaque. Its full of spyware, viruses and all sorts of nasty stuff. Much easier to just download bit torrents on a PC and upload onto the phone in my admittedly unexpert opinion.
Agree with Sundance, I use a number of torrent applications with the PC, my main one being BitLord and for videos I use uTorrent.

i stopped using limewire years ago because of the above reasons stated.


Limewire is shite and as stated full of spyware etc.
Torrents are the way now.
But you could try Frostwire, or alternatively ask google if such an app exists?
i don't use torrents either, ther are other ways out there of getting files.
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