Lime Pickle

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Drone_pilot, Dec 28, 2006.

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  1. Any cooks, know a good recipe for a sugar free Lime pickle, I have type II Diabetes, and most of the recipes on the internet have sugar in them, (Before anyone says just leave the sugar out i have done that and it tastes crap).

  2. Down south we have some excellent Asian supermarkets. I know that they would be helpful in finding suitable pickle for you. I guess in Liverpool you should be able to find similarly helpful traders. Next time I am in our local shop I'll ask the question.
  3. If you are in Liverpool you could always try Lime St station. coat,taxi :roll:
    Have you tried the Chinese/Asian Supermarket just off the Dock Rd?
  4. There's also a very good international supermarket on Bold Street - left side as you are walking away from the City centre towards St Luke's church.
  5. C&P from another place:
    But where you'll get all those ingredients from, I have no idea !!!

    Anyone looking for recipes, I can recommend this place.