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Hello fellow Arrsers!

Having read BFG9000`s above Post, I thought I`d jump on the Bandwagon myself. I too am a somewhat Geeky Side scuttling Chap...albeit in the more Artistic area of Computing...I produce Music, Graphics,Screensavers and Animations - and although I am not Redundant I don`t rely on the System to keep me in work forever and so I`m always on the lookout for ways to peddle my wares.

The following Link will take you to my Server -

There you can Download a Demo Screensaver with lots of Pretty Pics and Music (No Porn I`m afraid - could be done though :twisted: )....Files size is about 8MB (2 mins with DSL) and guaranteed Virus free. Freely configurable its great for people who get off on Guitars and Music.
I´d appreciate your assistance in spreading my Art to the World...In return I shall be forever in your Arrse Screensaver - free to all Honourable members of Arrse could also be arranged...just mail me the graphics!!.
and of course, I shall keep eyes and ears open should something turn up for BFG9000!

To BFG9000 - Where is "Here" it the same "Here" as where I am?


Ooeer.......It just went all wobbly , got blurred vision and uncontrollable Bowel contractions!....Must have been my Post moving! :lol:

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