Lily Allen: I've only ever been sexually assaulted by white males

Did she ever reports those assault allegations to the Police I wonder?

This bit from the assault allegations article speaks volumes:

The singer – who split from her businessman husband Sam Cooper in 2016 – has revealed that she wanted to name the executive in her book. However she decided not to after legal advice from her publisher.

Possibly because there isn’t a shred of evidence to support the claim and libel can be ruinously expensive?
Not only ruinously expensive, but a criminal libel can get you jailed in certain nations.
Also, she has just been rogered red-raw by the tax man.
Her continual look-at-me ism - "oooh, aren't I controversial?" is starting to get tedious.
Did she turn you down at some point?
I recall back many years ago asking a mate of mine who is a well-respected DJ: "Who is that annoying Mockney wench singing Smi-i-ile, which I hear all too often?"
She has a face - like MacAuly Culkin - which just begs to be slapped.
This lass appears to have an issue with a previous media environment As it sits, it should attract our immediate understanding, as we're now bettered educated as to how these kids were treated in that time.
The very youthful McCulkin, I surmise was a victim of that Hollywood generation. Worse still, adults appeared to roll along with the goings on. How veyy fcuking disgraceful
Gobshyte 'look-at-me' alienated a whole lot of middle-Englanders (who bought her stuff because of her 'oh-so-edgy' lyrics )with her Calais and Grenfell rantings.
Oh dear.
The musical equivalent of Ratner.
You have a point. Her recent album release has been critically acclaimed. Assuming that being a musician gives her the right to pontificate in her music and in the media has probably pissed a few people off.

That and the fact that it's pre-teen girls who drive the album charts, and they don't care about politics. However, amongst that demographic, if you're not fashionable any more, forget it. She had her time, and refuses to admit it.
Last time I saw that much **** in one video some cheerleaders were being turned inside out by a black fella doing a passable impression of a Grand National winner...
Walt Disney Studios?
Seems I need to at least have a look at that "Wolf Alice" album.


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