Lily Allen, Chav munter or modern rock chick?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by geo7863, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. yes she should get a shovel 'cross her ugly grid, the annoying twot!!

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  2. her songs are reflective of the modern youth culture

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  1. Every time I hear one of her tunless miss-pronunciated dirges on the radio I have to change channels, I would even listen to morris dancing music than listen to her...she makes me want to vomit!!
  2. She's about as 'rock' as Westlife. Kill her, now.
  3. I'd ride it...
  4. before or after I cut her throat with a blunt pair of nursery school scissors?
  5. My 2 year old is more Rock and Roll than she is. She is nothing more than a talentless Chav, scrounging a living on the back of her fathers name. And she needs a singing shovel to the kisser :plotting:
  6. She does reflect modern kids (Cnuts)(Chavs)(etc). However i'd like to take her BMX off her then make her smoke the Furious Python for its safe return!

    I have to sadly admit i listened to one of her songs the other day and the lyrics were quite amusing. Maybe a chick version of the Artic Monkeys...

    I say we bum it
  7. I don't care she's obviously filthy, I'd kick her back doors in and wipe my kn0b in her hair.

    I quite like 'Alfie' her latest single, but only because it reminds me of my youth (without the drug abuse though!).
  8. She mings but the tunes are a fair bit more amusing the other pump coming through my wireless.
  9. I want to taste her rainbow
  10. How about her and Amy Winehouse? Another filthy looking sort... :thumright:
  11. I'd love to do her; she normally looks so innocent, that putting my engorged length up her brown eye would be a shock to the system :pale:

    Agree with Wenchie - she's amusing. Much better than listening to the f'ing Kooks :pissedoff:
  12. As in fetid & unwashed?
  13. I'd still smash her up the shitter!
  14. I hope her gash smells like the seat of a cycling machine in the womens section of fitness first
  15. Amy Winehouse looks like Marilyn Manson in drag, I wouldn't touch her with yours.