Likes works!


That is all.

Cheers BCO.
Love you
Now I can have my ego massaged like all the other Arrsers,,I feel all warm,cosy toes and loved, not in a 'Gay way' tho.........
Oh, so that's it is it? I 'like' one of Sixty's posts and it works again. This is shit you honky cunts.
Got mine up and running, to my disgust, most of the new ones were from that useless cock- sucker Westpoint/ 1001tossers.

They don't count, plus you're on ignore now, so I don't have to listen to your guff.... I suggest everyone does the same, deny the oxygen thief the pleasure.
Fuck off you worthless piece of shit.... you must have serious self esteem issues to pollute a site where the vast majority would like to see you dying slowly and painfully.
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