'Likes' not working if there's a link behind the pop up 'Like' selection box.

Not sure if this is a site issue or my phone:

If I want to apply a 'like', I press the symbol and the pop up box, with the like options, appears. If there is a link directly behind where the like box appears - for example a tweet - selecting like takes me to the tweet, as if the like pop up isn't there.

This also happens if I try to select a like, etc that someone has applied to one of my comments: if the like pop up is overlaid over an ad, selecting the like will take me to the advert over which the like pop up appears, and not to the relevant page.

Example: if I click the 'Informative' symbol (or any other) I open the tweet rather than giving a like.



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I take it you don't like that?

Try changing the orientation of your phone.

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